Yamaha F310 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

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Yamaha F310  Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

A guitar you know there’s so many brands like and Martin Takamine Taylor you know and they’re all these descriptions about would make profiles mahogany versus spruce blah blah blah it’s very easy to get lost in this position well let me help you out by giving you my recommendation on a great pianist guitar which is this one here the Yamaha f310 let me just talk about its features. Check Out Lava Me 2 Black Friday 

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Slim Neck

It’s got a spruce top Miranti back insight it’s got a rosewood fingerboard rosewood bridge and it comes in three colours this nature there is tobacco Brown and there’s my favourite which is sunburst which I don’t have today actually so we’ll just use the natural it is the first guitar I will recommend if anyone is about a beginner guitar why the answer is very simple playability right this guitar is a very slim neck it’s not very chunky like a lot of other brands.


Models the action which is the distance between the fretboard and the strings is fairly low so it’s easy to press down and it sounds good enough got this bright mid-range sound which works for a lot of acoustic songs especially hitting unplug and it’s pretty loud the best part is that it’s very very durable you can practically need you can have the guitar for about three to four years before you will get used to it after a while when you learn properly furthermore the songs are here on acoustic pop songs.

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Beginner Stage

They are played on an acoustic steel-string guitar so why not follow that can make number two the wood and workmanship plays a part in choosing your guitar ok this is going to be highly controversial but you don’t really need to be concerned with what goes into the making of the guitar what would what kind of fretboard or kind of thread wire being used because and I’ll be honest at this beginner stage.

Skill Level

You don’t know any better you will not be able to tell the difference so why to bother if it sounds good and plays well then it is good enough when you reach a certain skill level you will be able to tell the difference but just remember playability right so what if you are a smaller size or let’s say you’re getting this for a kid who’s someone was 11 years old here’s my recommendation can get a tree qualified guitar maestro guitars in Singapore have this series of guitar under prodigy is called a protege junior for the Jade Junior.

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They’re not used to holding the guitar the recommended size is not good for them in my experience I find it you know if you stick to a full-sized guitar if you’re an adult, especially you’ll get the hang of it you know don’t consider being uncomfortable the guitar uncomfortable the entire as a factor and say that all the sizes too too too big.

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