Xvive U2 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

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Xvive U2 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

This little unit is your transmitter you do have to plug in the receiver via micro USB and then it has an XLR or quarter-inch out on the back and that goes into your amp or your first pedal in order to set up the same idea you plug them in together it scans finds the best channel and then the same thing the transmitter plugs right into your guitar the X 5 is a little bit different you have to choose one of the 4 channels possible and to do that you push the channel button to see what channel you’re on. Check out Denon Avr X2500h Black Friday


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It’ll get a little bit less interference but you still get interference I’ve never had interference and I switched your channel into one away it’s just a little bit less just let me keep in mind all three of these I don’t hear any tone loss or anything out of all of them fear a tone snob maybe you’ll hear something different I personally it just sounds like a cable to me there’s no loss in audio quality from any of them or any noticeable latency as for charging all three of these charged with micro USB for the boss.

Micro USB

It’s the same thing plug it into the transmitter into the wrist very plug in the micro USB and the charges that way with the x5 you do have to charge them each separately there’s no way to charge them together so you do have to use two micro USBs in order to charge them not a huge deal but just when you know the range of all three of these are all about the same they do a list 50 feet considering the environment and line-of-sight to the transmitter and the receiver x5 does list it at 70 feet.

I think they’re all about the same and from my experience on using them they’re all about the same to me that’s 50 feet is completely fine for Barr gigs.

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Battery Life

The battery life on all of them the boss has the most battery life at 10 hours there is an indicator light I figure the light is green that means the battery is good if the light is orange that means you have less than 2 hours left which is nice that they give you that much notice and then a red light means that you have less than 30 minutes left the g10 is next it has 8 hours of battery life and the indication is a red light when you have under 30 minutes left x5 has 5 hours and the light starts to blink when it’s around like 30 to 60 minutes left so all of them are more than capable of surviving a 4-hour set it is a nice plus that the boss gives.


An indicator that 2 hours and then at 30 minutes whereas the other ones just give you an indicator that your battery’s about to die at 30 minutes alright all three of these transmit on 2.4 gigahertz I’m not an expert on frequencies but I do know that 2.4 gigahertz is the same channel as Bluetooth Wi-Fi so on and so forth so you can get some random interference from this stuff it works most of the time but it can be unpredictable the best piece of advice is to keep it away from a Wi-Fi router that’s always your best advice and you will get dropouts for sure if you put these too close to those with anywhere less system.

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You should have a backup cable just in case your wireless doesn’t work but these are way more sensitive to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth environment and stuff like that something to be aware of with the g10 some pickups for acoustic guitars and active pickups don’t work with this, however, line 6 has gotten around that issue by giving a right angle adapter to fix it for most guitars that it won’t work.

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