Xbox Elite 2 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

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Xbox Elite 2 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

It’s definitely a premium feeling controller and it has a slight heft to it that underscores that this is not a regular Xbox controller the handles have a textured grip to them that really helps when trying to be a sweaty boy on call of duty the triggers also have a texture to them that makes it just that much easier to press them.

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xbox elite 2 black friday

Sheer customization Microsoft

This is definitely a premium feeling controller the real reason that you buy this controller is because of the sheer customization Microsoft gives you a nice handy dandy travel pouch that makes it easy to store your controller along with a plethora of tools to modify the controller however the first method of customization is on the controller itself there’s like a small switch on either side of the triggers that allow you to modify how far the trigger depresses.

Magnetically Snap

There are three levels with the lowest setting being useful for games that require quick reaction like first-person shooters the highest level allows you to press the trigger all the way which is very useful in games that require a little bit more precision like racing games so you can modulate the accelerator or the brake moving on we have various thumbsticks that you can switch out to suit your preferences all of them snap magnetically onto the base.

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Concave thumbstick

There are some that are extra tall for those who want a little bit more precision as well as thumbsticks for those who really love the Xbox 360 controller there’s also one for people who prefer a domed thumbstick instead of the traditional concave thumbstick kind of like the ones that are on the PlayStation controllers and for those who love fighting games you can switch out the d-pad for one that’s excellent for easily executing combos and movement although personally, I don’t really use it that much.

Various paddles

Finally, there are various paddles that you can clip onto the back of the controller this is most useful for being able to press the face buttons without having to take your thumbs off the thumbsticks like if you’re trying to jump and move at the same time you can map whatever button you want to the paddles using the Xbox accessories app like the thumbsticks the paddles are also held in magnetically and are pretty easy to put in overall Microsoft has provided a lot of ways to customize the physical feel of the elite 2 controllers.

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Three profiles

Three profiles and switch between the profiles on the fly by pressing the button in the middle of the controller and when I say you can remap any button I mean it like look at all of these options here but there are even more features you can even adjust the dead zone for the thumbsticks and the triggers this really allows you to dial in exactly how you want the controller to feel in regular use.

Remap buttons

The customizability of the controller helps me to be almost as effective as using a mouse and keyboard most of the time all right so the question you’re asking yourself is is this worth it is this worth my 180 bucks however you want to remap buttons to change out the thumbsticks and change out the d-pad and make it basically change it.

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