Turtle Beach Recon Controller Black Friday Deals 2022

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Turtle Beach Recon Controller Black Friday Deals 2022

The Turtle Beach Recon Controller is a gaming peripheral that offers a range of customization options on Xbox or PC for a super low price. With customizable back-lighting, an onboard memory, and programmable buttons, the Recon Controller is perfect for gamers who want to make their controller their own. Whether you’re looking to personalize your controller for a specific game or just add some extra features to your gaming experience, the Recon Controller has everything you need and more.

Turtle Beach Recon Controller Black Friday


This controller has a Superhuman Hearing mode which aims to reduce the volume of certain parts of the game’s audio so you can listen out more accurately. This can be especially helpful in competitive multiplayer games were hearing your enemies coming from behind can be the difference between life and death.

Not only does this mode give you a competitive edge, but it also makes the game more immersive by allowing you to hear all of the game’s audio in greater detail.

Mapping & Customization:

The Turtle Beach Recon Controller offers a lot of customization for gamers. One of the great features is the ability to map buttons to the additional buttons on the rear of the controller. This can be done in the settings menu on your console. I found it best to leave the right one attached, as it provides an easy way to reach the shoulder buttons. The left one can be mapped however you like and provides an extra button to help improve your gameplay.

Bottom Line:

The controller’s features provide a realistic feel and help players perform their best. It’s also a great option for those who want to customize their gaming setup. So, if you’re looking for a new Xbox controller, be sure to check out the Turtle Beach Recon.

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