TomTom Go 6200 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

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TomTom Go 6200 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

So this is something that is very similar to the old one as well but you can change it as well so if you don’t want to say hello TomTom you can change it to Salaam TomTom I’m listening cancel stopping voice control see now I’ve changed my Salaam TomTom which is basically Salam means hello in Arabic so you can change it to anything.

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Voice control

You want you can call it Heil you know or talk to me you know you can say absolutely anything so it’s really really funny and a good thing to work with as well so you’ve got a lot of features on this one compared to the older one you can actually record your roots as well so if you go on a particular route and you’re not really sure of where you go in.

Voice command

You can record the route and then when you want to go on it again you just go into my roots and then select the route that you want to go on and just click on click on Drive and then basically it’ll just do a full replay of that particular route and so it’s really really handy and you can you don’t even have to use your phone to actually make a phone call so you can actually give the voice command and then say activate phone which will activate Siri on the Apple.

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It’s Google some Google now or Google clay or something for the Android I’m not sure about that I’m not really an Android person and but then you don’t even have to touch your phone so you just speak through the phone’s microphone if you’ve got it in the center console and you can just tell it to call someone and then it goes straight through the actual TomTom on to the loudspeaker.

Actual sensors

The day I found that it’s got a sound like center somewhere I’ve not really had to look at there the unit on where the actual sensors are placed it doesn’t actually say in the instruction booklet but it does actually say a lot of things about what we can do what you can’t do and if you go on the forum as well there’s a lot of support on there to tell you what you can do what you can’t do and if there’s any troubleshooting they can help you out with that as well see how then read things just disappeared and appeared more there so that area there is just showing you really bad traffic at the moment.

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Reliable and Quick

You can see that area is fairly rough anyway in small/small Heath so they’re really bad areas of Birmingham I try to avoid them areas all the time, to be honest, um but if if you’re after something that’s really reliable really quick and if there’s an accident or really bad traffic just it suddenly appeared this can give you alternative routes that that similar that particular point so you can actually I say take me on an alternative route and it will take you away from the actual traffic and try to get you to your destination as quick as possible.

Comfortable stage

Basically following the road signs or follow the diagrams that they show you on the clipboard for roughly about ten minutes off the test now they’re going to change that and do certain of driving for 20 minutes so I decided to get myself a top-notch unit in order to take them out and do some independent driving during the sat there with the Sat Nav one still a  comfortable stage where they’re independent

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