Tefal Actifry Xl Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Get a Tefal Actifry Genius Xl Black Friday Deal and save on your favourite Fryer, check our latest Tefal Actifry Xl Cyber Monday & Boxing Day.

Tefal Actifry Genius Xl Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Actify genius xl two in one arrived let’s see what’s inside we have recipe look make Chloe so that’s quite big it comes with that box sorry take off my kitchen towel there it comes with this one this is your air fryer as I said you take it out just like that you put it back on your fingers.

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tefal actifry black friday

Measuring spoon

It comes with your oil spoon this is a measuring spoon for the oil and of course your recipe book and the instructions which I’m not gonna read because I don’t like reading lots of stuff I’m a bit lazy so I’m gonna use it not now though but the first time I’ll use it I’ll show you so we can learn together okay have a good day but at the back, it has a filter that you can take it out and clean and also this um that you have inside you can press that clip.

Easy cleaning

It comes off and you can put it back again for easy cleaning which I love I’m putting it here at the corner of my kitchen while not the corner next to the hub can’t wait to use it so let’s try it I did put chips frozen chips so I don’t need to put any oil if it’s fresh chips that you cut it at home you put sizzling and so on and so forth then you put oil in it but it is this is frozen so I don’t need to put any oil and then I cut my bacon in half and put it in there so let’s see how to use it if I’m wrong maybe you don’t have to put this one yet maybe it’s a chip first for the chips.

tefal actifry fryer boxing day

29 minutes of cooking time

It says number one for chips so that’s one for 29 minutes I think my chips are not that thick so I’m gonna make it at 29 minutes maybe 21. that’s for the bottom one for my chips then if I press it again it’s flushing the top one this is for my um meat for my bacon and it says eight minutes so altogether that is 29 minutes of cooking time.

Bake on the top

Let’s start cooking the chips this should stop eight minutes before the end of the cooking process and then we will put the bacon and it should be cooked in 29 minutes let’s see how we can put the bake on the top one that should be only for eight minutes and then it should be done and our bacon is nearly done there you go yeah finish so I will turn it off.

tefal actifry cyber monday

Electricity wise

What should I do first let me just stop it first and then turn it off I think I just turned it on again sorry and then let’s see oh look at that’s crispy bacon so I have to be careful with this one make sure it won’t drop on me there you go oh did I put it right how did you know there you go that’s much better and look at the fries I’ll give it a try it looks really really crispy anyway it does work and that’s worked perfectly.

Very efficient

It’s not costing me a lot and it cooks perfectly and crispy and at the end of my review I find this out product very efficient not unlike the oven you have to wait for 20 minutes to heat it up and use it whilst this fryer within 30 minutes your food will be cooked nice crispy and tasty and also healthy well.

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