Tassimo Bosch Happy Black Friday Deals 2022

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Tassimo Bosch Happy TAS1002GB Black Friday Deals 2022

tassimo happy black friday

With a stainless steel finish, this coffee machine will look nice on any kitchen counter. It’s great for making drinks in the office and for entertaining guests, and has a sleek and modern design.

The Bosch Tassimo Happy TAS1002GB has a 1.8-liter capacity which will take a few cups of coffee to fill, although you could always make a few coffees at once. It’s also a smart machine that will save water and cut down on your electricity bill, using just 0.8 gallons of water to produce eight cups of coffee.

The Tassimo Happy TAS1002GB is also quick to heat up – about 30 seconds or so – but the water reservoir takes longer to warm up than other machines on the market, so you might want to consider the K9 instead.


Just like Tassimo bosch vivy 2, you can adjust the strength of the coffee you serve by turning the knob on the front of the machine, and the brew settings are displayed clearly on the LCD screen. The machine comes with three different grind settings, and you can change these yourself if you wish to change the strength of the coffee. If you’re in a rush, then you can choose between the fast brew, regular, and slow brew options.

Bottom Line:

The Bosch Tassimo Happy TAS1002GB pod coffee machine is a very versatile and inexpensive machine that has the ability to make a variety of different types of hot drinks. It’s easy to use and is perfect for those who prefer a different hot drink every day.

This machine is also compact enough to fit into small kitchens, making it ideal for smaller spaces. I personally love the fact that the pods can be used for many different drinks and flavours, meaning that you don’t need to buy a new pod every time you want to try a different drink.

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