Tacx Flux S Smart T2900S Black Friday Deals 2022

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Tacx Flux S Smart T2900S Black Friday Deals 2022

Tacx Flux S is the newest addition to the Tacx line of smart bike trainers. The trainer is designed to provide accurate power feedback, as well as data tracking and analysis. This makes it ideal for cyclists who want to improve their cycling performance and track their progress over time. The Tacx Flux S also features a wireless connection that allows riders to control their trainer from a distance, making it perfect for use with smartphones or other compatible devices.

tacx flux s smart t2900s black friday


The Flux S is no quieter than the original Flux, it’s also not really any more powerful either. Most all of the changes internally have been focused on manufacturing rather than features.

The Flux S is a direct-drive smart trainer, meaning you remove your rear wheel and mount the frame directly to the unit via the dropouts.


The Flux S is a direct-drive make for a more stable, quieter experience with no tire wear. The Flux S is compatible with Bluetooth Smart and ANT+ devices, so you can use it with cycling apps and watches. It has a maximum resistance of 2000 watts and a simulated grade of up to 25%. The Flux S folds up for easy storage.

Bottom Line:

The Tacx Flux S is an excellent turbo trainer for those who want to build fitness and cardio strength without breaking the bank. With its simple design, easy-to-use interface, and high-quality workout programs, the Tacx Flux S is a great choice for anyone looking to get fit. It’s not the most advanced turbo trainer available, but it’s a good option for beginners.

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