Soundmagic E11c Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

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Soundmagic E11c Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

To start by talking about the design itself now these are very very light uh they are actually made of metal but when you actually hold them in your hand for the first time you think that they are plastic because of how lightweight it is now on the headphone zone website. Check Out SteelSeries Arctis 7 Black Friday

soundmagic e11c black friday

Wired headset

The strong suits of this considering that despite being a wired headset this actually fits well into your ear gives you good isolation and even for a long duration. when I was editing or working even I would not really notice that I was wearing earphones and it felt completely free because of how lightweight it is now in terms of the build quality itself these are well built like I said it’s metal aluminium slightly cold to the touch.

Gunmetal grey variant

You shouldn’t be putting it in your pocket they actually give a carrying case as well which is useful in order to prevent it from even getting tangled as this is quite prone to get tangled now this also comes in a separate different variant the gunmetal grey variant which is a bit more expensive but that has a better cable I find this to be a bit on the thinner side.

Sensitivity of 112 decibels

Love these for music now the best thing about this uh was the fact that you know it was so easy to drive now I have been using it even with the red nine power here and the sensitivity of 112 decibels meant that you know you need lesser power in order to drive it and still get loud enough volume.

soundmagic e11c boxing day

Less battery usage

I felt that it was only needed to be put at a volume which most of the time I would need to listen to at a higher volume on other earphones now that means that you use less battery but at the end, you still get good enough volume and are still having an immersive experience now on top of that like the audio quality itself is again one of the best in this particular segment I loved how the sub-bass kicks in certain songs it’s very much apparent.

 Low latency

There I would say that it’s very bright and very crisp and for most of my sort of tracks I feel that this is really really good now if you are someone who is getting these for the purpose of music as well as for you know watching movies or editing and stuff this works very well uh in terms of gaming I’m not entirely sure how useful this would be I would feel that of course the latency is low and you have a built-in mic and stuff like that.

soundmagic e11c cyber monday

Better sound and audio recorded

The wire at the end of the day regardless of how well they have done it in terms of the overall weight it might still cause you some discomfort or annoy you when you tend to move around a bit now in terms of the inline remote itself which is attached to the left earbud the quality is decent I didn’t really think that this was a strong suit in fact this is one of the weaknesses the mic was okay it felt a bit distant.

60 degree angled l-jack

This is a 60 degree angled l-jack and some people might have issues actually using this with certain cases so far I tried it most of them worked but there was one particular case for a phone where this didn’t actually fit in perfectly because it was a bit too thick and the case had a cut out for you know headphone jack which didn’t allow this to be used so keep that in mind in case you’re planning to use a case with it now coming to a conclusion.

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