Sony Mdr 1000x Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Get a Sony Mdr 1000x Black Friday Deal and save on your favourite Headphones. Check our latest Sony Mdr 1000x Cyber Monday & Boxing Day Sale.

Sony Mdr 1000x Black Friday And Cyber Monday Deals 2021

The Sony MDR 1000x is probably one of the most feature-packed Bluetooth headphones that I’ve used to date and I know a lot of you guys saw on my massive Tech these headphones first off we’ve got to talk about the design personally. Check Out Aftershokz Xtrainerz Black Friday


sony mdr 1000x boxing day

Foldable pair of headphones

The design of the 1000x it’s low profile and has a classy feel with his leather-like ear cups and it’s all black finish now in terms of storage we’ve got a couple of options these are a foldable pair of headphones you can lay them down completely flat which is a nice way to save space if you’re throwing them in something like a backpack the overall freedom of these headphones is pretty slim especially in the headband area.

950 BTS or 950 Nones

It feels pretty solid so we can make some pretty out-there looking headphones but I feel like they hit the nail on the head in terms of a nice overall classy looking design here which also gets all the checkmarks in terms of portability durability and overall size the only thing I’d knock about these headphones in terms of their design are the air cuts not having a more comfortable cushion.

1000x Sound

This one’s not so bad but songs did better in the past let’s talk about that sound quality these sounds amazing it has great clarity and a nice dynamic range which allows it to work well with a lot of genres of music I think you’ve got to be really critical to find the issues with the sound of the 1000x I think anybody who tries it out will walk away with a really good impression of these great sound and some awesome noise-canceling.

sony mdr 1000x cyber monday

Bluetooth wireless headphones

This is a very nice touch and since these are a pair of Bluetooth wireless headphones you would expect to see some audio control somewhere on the ear cups but instead, we have no physical buttons but we do have gesture controls all built into the right ear cup so if you want to skip forward a track or maybe go back all you have to do is swipe right or left.

Ambient sound feature.

Some blue phones tend to suffer from having way too many buttons and you kind of lose track of where the buttons are you have to hunt them down with this everyone knows where the right ear cup is and add access to their controls and we’re able to have the awesome noise-canceling and ambient sound features because of the mics that are built into the top of the left and right ear cup.

sony mdr 1000x black friday

Crazy noise canceling optimizer feature

What to cancel out when you’re using noise-canceling and so on has even implemented a crazy noise canceling optimizer feature which we can access by holding the most tempting button and what this does is it scans your head for glasses hair your head shape all kinds of information and the stuff going on around you and it tailors the noise-canceling experience to fit.

400 Bucks

These are an amazing pair of headphones but what is probably the biggest flaw here is the price tag these used to retail for about 400 bucks which are expensive but now you can find them for around 350 which is the same price as the bose qc25 so if you’re trying to decide between the two this one’s a clear winner but there’s still a lot of money well I guess that’s the price you pay for great sound features noise-canceling a good design.

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