Sony AF8 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

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Sony AF8 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

I chose this model over Sony’s AF 9, which is supposed to be their superior OLED model. To begin with, the AF 9 leans back a little on his stand. That bothers me, and the AF 9 has slightly better speakers, which I don’t need because I have a soundbar and a 5.1 system.
As a result, it wasn’t worth it to spend the extra money for the top-tier model over this, and another excellent reason why now is the best time to buy this TV is because they just announced the new agency 8. Check out Denon D-M41 Black Friday

sony af8 cyber monday

OLED Screen

This is the improved version of this. There are a few minor improvements, but nothing major, so these are about to be discontinued, which means the price is about to fall and this is the best time to buy this TV. And, in terms of OLED screens, this has one of the best images on the market right now.
Still, that’s not what this video is about. The difference between the correct and incorrect versions of the Sony OLED is that the mic is in control, whereas the af9 is in the TV. It’s always listening for keywords, whereas this one is activated by pressing a button. I prefer what I’ve done with you.

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UK Power Cable

Power cable in the UK So this is the TV base, and it’s just a black metal plate. One disadvantage of this particular TV model is that it is completely flushed to the base, so there is no room for a soundbar, so if you want to use a soundbar with this TV, you’ll probably be better off wall mounting the TV.
Still, I’ll figure it out. It’s also got this kind of rubberized your bits on the bottom more here texture to it still exceptionally lightweight buttons are more or less the same as where they used to be said now you’ve got dedicated app button there and the dedicated mic button at the top which is excellent the TV’s just booting up for the first time.

Android Connectivity

I was impressed with the cable management system on the back of the TV. It’s neat and tidy once you’ve gotten all of those little bits of plastic over the back of the TV. That made an impression on me. It’s extremely simple. Is it true that I own an Android phone? Yes, I do, and you can pair your phone with your TV right here.

sony af8 black friday

Final Words

This is something I didn’t have on my previous Android TV, so it’s going to be pretty cool. Yeah, let’s go through this, so now that I’ve paid my phone to the TV, the phone is prompting me to install the Android TV remote control app, and the TV itself says we can start using the remote in the future if you’re looking for TVs.

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