Singer HD 4423 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

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Singer HD 4423 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

I’ve had this machine for quite a while another heavy-duty machine it’s a single 432 I’ve had it for a number of years I think I bought it back in 2016. it’s around the 250 price bracket now it’s similar to the q132a from the neck it’s another heavy-duty machine and also the brother hf-27 which is the brother’s heavy-duty sewing machine.

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singer hd4423 black friday

Thousand Stitches per Minute

So I wanted to compare all three because as you see I’ve had this for quite some time it’s been brilliant for me I’ve seen so many school costumes I’ve sewn loads for people in the days when I used to sew for people lightweight shift onto handbags it’s been really well used it’s sort of my go-to sewing machine if I suddenly need to make a quick something um this machine goes at a thousand stitches per minute.


It has good power so cinder has a range of these machines now this is the 4432 it’s got 32 stitches and it’s also in the same price bracket as the brother and the necktie that I’m comparing so I’m going to run a similar sort of test through it I’m going to see what it’s like with the denim with the chiffon and with the leatherette so on the front you can see it clearly tells you it’s a single heavy duty.

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Four-Millimetre Stitch

You have your stitch dial there and it goes up to a four-millimetre stitch then you’ve got your ones and your s twos so your s1 stitches are highlighted by the blue stitches and your s2 stitches when you select the s2 are highlighted with the red stitches so you’ve got a nice selection of stitches here you’ve got your overcast you’ve got your stretch stitches and you’ve got some decorative stitches.

Ripply Texture

That you can use on the front you’ve also got the reverse button which is in a really handy place right above the needle down here you can see you’ve got a metal plate on top of your throat that allows fabric like leatherettes has glide the texture on this machine isn’t glossy it has a ripply texture to it so it allows some sort of grip or some sort of friction so that fabrics aren’t falling off so easily.

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Thicker Fabrics

you’ve got your automatic needle threader down there and your buttonhole one-step button hurry we’ve got our bobby minder and then over here we have our stitch width dial over here you have your needle position so you can set the needle right middle and left here you have the tension and over here you have your presser foot pressure dial which you can adjust very easily with the screwdriver so for thicker fabrics.


you want to go positive and for lighter fabrics, you want to go negative so on the side I have the adjustment for the density of stitches more stitches on one side of the buttonhole than the other you can just grab again your screwdriver and make an adjustment here to balance it out you’ve got your handwheel and on the back

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