Shure SM7B Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

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Shure SM7B Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

We’re going to check out the legendary shore sm7b & we’re going to see if we can work out what makes it special so right now I’m going to just give you my signal chain I’ve left it all on the table so you can see exactly what’s going on I have a cloud lifter I have a Steinberg ur 22 mk2 and a microphone. Check Out Alesis Recital Black Friday

Shure SM7B black friday

Hertz 20,000

It doesn’t sound harsh on the top end it doesn’t sound like it has too much low end either even though there’s no true neutral tone I can really hear that this sounds a lot flatter in its eq than something like the rode pro caster which was a lot hotter on the top end without further ado let’s cover some of the specs as well as some of the things you need to know about the shure sm7b I’m going to kind of mix this in together.

SE Electronics DM

You know another one of my microphones the rode pod mic which I’ll do a comparison with kind of copied that mount idea like that as well which is really cool it’s really heavy by the way too but anyway yeah I think the short immediately sounds way more balanced in my headphones it doesn’t really feel like any of the frequencies are popping out.

Crisper Sound

I can hear a huge difference in my headphones this doesn’t sound as loud in my headphones as the rode pro caster did so I’m just going to notch up the volume a little bit more on the preamp so I’m running a cloud lifter into a preamp with the preamp up at about two o’clock and now I can kind of get off the microphone a little bit and still get a really balanced and uniform sound that still sounds nice and clear.

Shure SM7B boxing day


I think in my headphones this sounds a little bit more pleasant and it should because 800 versus 250 I can buy multiples of these for one of these but this is what’s part of the appeal of the short sm7b is not only visually does it look great on camera it sounds great as well which is the most important thing this mounting bracket is also fantastic.

Bass Roll

You’re listening to the short sm7b with the bass roll-off enabled so there’s the less low end I get right up on the microphone now and it doesn’t even sound like there’s a proximity effect which I don’t really like I much prefer it with it on I’m going to switch it back and just for a point of comparison this is how it sounds now with the bass roll-off disabled.

Shure SM7B cyber monday


It also has a bass roll-off as well as a presence boost setting the presence boost will increase the high end and the bass roll-off will take out a little bit more low end but I don’t think you really need it if you’re going to be using it for voice because it’s already got a frequency response of 50 at the lowest end which means you probably don’t need to take out any more.


Where as the shore sm7b I’m starting to see why it’s a very popular microphone damn I want one up next we’re checking out the off-axis rejection so imagine someone was sitting over from the desk from you what I’m going to do is flip the microphone around and move it so it’d be facing someone across the table you’re going to hear a click it’s just this up here this is how much sound will be picked up across the room I’ve only got this not even an arm’s length away.

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