Shot Scope V2 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

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Shot Scope V2 Black Friday And Cyber Monday Deals 2021

V1 was their first product that was launched and I was thoroughly impressed with it the biggest thing for me was the v1 did just shot tracking and gave you a bunch of data on their dashboard through the phone and to the website the really nice thing about it for me was that you didn’t have to tag. Check Out Fossil Gen 4 Black Friday


shot scope v2 cyber monday

PGA Show

This v2 that just came out was kind of the belle of the ball at the PGA Show in Orlando it got a lot of attention because it’s an amazing product so they took the v1 shot tracking ability and now they’ve added GPS to it so you get front back middle you know and that’s from the tee box for any kind of part 4 part 5 part 3 obviously and they give you hazards as well so they get a ton of information.

 Pin location system

This little watch and then of course you’ve got all of your data that is accessible once you sync up to look at you know the length of your shots the length of your irons and your and your driver and the other really cool thing about the v1 and v2 is their pin location system so you get onto the green and this thing automatically flips over and knows that you’re on the green once you make your number of putts one or two putts.

Free lifetime firmware upgrades

What kind of proximity to the hole you’ve got as you know your length of putts and all this stuff will track online in the dashboard it’s really really nice the other really nice thing about the shots go v2 is that you get free lifetime firmware upgrades so when I originally got the v2 it didn’t actually have hazards on there but then they came out with a firmware release I plugged it into my computer synced it up.

shot scope v2 boxing day

Wrist Apparel

It’s something for me that I’ve just gotten used to I wear kind of a Fitbit anyway so I’m kind of used to something on my wrist the wrist it’s not really that that big a deal for me but maybe it may turn some people off but I would at least give it a shot I mean really maybe just tried testing outwear a watch around you know around the course and if you used to it upgrade to this bad boy and then the other piece of it.

USB Cable

I expect it to be another three hours round or so something no one’s out here so maybe even less and after around yesterday I didn’t charge it and I’ve got about half a battery left so if you get on you know of course on a Saturday or Sunday you know I would expect it to last the whole round but it only lasts you want around.

shot scope v2 black friday

GPS shot tracking data

You can have your iPhone adapter you can plug it into you can plug it in your computer there are multiple ways of charging it’ll you know that’s not really an issue but other than that this watches I don’t know what else you could want GPS hazard GPS shot tracking data cut marking free firmware upgrades for life and then again the data on the dashboard is just it’s priceless to see.

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