Sennheiser HD25 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

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Sennheiser HD25 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

We’ve just noticed, we’ve just got our latest batch here and it’s slightly different first of all big shout out to Sennheiser because when they last updated it they said they had more ecologically friendly packaging but then they put it in a carrier bag which they didn’t use to have in a plastic bag uh so you’re just increasing the disposable plastics and then making your stuff more ecologically friendly. Check Out¬†Sennheiser Hd 4.50 Black Friday¬†

sennheiser hd 25 black friday

Two Pieces of Single-Use Plastic

They’ve changed that with the latest ones which are good when they get shipped to us we now come wrapped in paper rather than a bag which is nice and also inside the box the headphones cutting paper as well rather than the plastic bag so they’ve reduced two pieces of single-use plastic it’s good all the other packaging is cardboard as well so yeah so thumbs up and so you know they look pretty much the same as they have done the box looks the same.

Gold Pins

We did notice there is one change that they have made when we pulled them apart now um one of the downfalls of the hd25 is some of them get a connection issue in the in-ear cap and in the last update they soldered the wires to the springs internally which reduced one area that it could fail and then with this they completely updated the cable with this new version it now has gold pins.

sennheiser hd 25 cyber monday

Gold-Plated Springs

It didn’t like a gold plating on there which should help with the connection we sell gold-plated springs which did the same thing but this kind of means that you don’t need to do that I think they’ve stolen our idea there but yeah we’ll let them have it because they’re doing good work but yeah the cable originally was uh steel which gave it a very high tensile strength.

Copper Cable

These are designed to work with the cameraman and yeah on the cable the last thing you want to do is break a cable with these um because it’ll leave you in trouble so they always have a steel cable but the disadvantage of steel is obviously it’s not as conductive as copper and changing to a copper cable used to make them sound just a little bit better because you’re reducing the insertion losses there’s less signal drop across the cable.

sennheiser hd 25 boxing day

Sennheiser Logo

They’ve updated it the original cables used to measure between four and six ohms now this new cable that comes on the late 2020s seems to be copper we’ve measured this it’s around one um yeah so I suspect that they’ve swapped steel for copper the new cable has got a matte finish the old one used to be slightly shiny and it’s also got Sennheiser logo embossed.


There so if they should just about start being in the shop soon um yes if you get paper wrapping you know you’ve probably got one of these new ones with the copper cable now then if you look after them the copper cable is going to be better it’s going to sound better the gold connections on there is going to give you a better connection with the spring in the earcup but obviously if you yank on it really hard.

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