Samsung TU8000 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Get a Samsung TU8000 43″ to 82″ inches available in all sizes Black Friday Deal the Smart TV. Check our Samsung Cyber Monday & Boxing Day.

Samsung TU8000 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

We bought the 55 inch TU8000, but it is also available in a wide range of sizes from 43 up to 75 inches. We expect these other sizes to have very similar picture quality and performance, but obviously, as the sizes get bigger you’ll likely need a bigger table or a more durable wall mount. The design of the TU8000 is almost identical to this year’s entry-level QLED, the Q60T, and looks slightly more premium than last year’s RU8000, though the legs don’t look quite as nice. Check out LG NANO Cell 65 Black Friday

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The borders of this TV are very thin and are quite a bit thinner than last year’s RU8000. The wide-set legs support the TV well, and like some other Samsung TVs, they attach securely without the need for screws, which is nice and convenient. The controls on the TV are very similar to most recent Samsung TVs and consists of a single button below the Samsung logo in the middle of the TV. Being as all controls from Power to volume control or source input selection are within one button, you have to rely on a different series of short or long presses to activate different commands.


This can be a bit confusing and difficult, so you’ll probably want to make sure to keep your remote handy. If we move around to the side, the TV is thin and looks good. It sits close to the wall when mounted, which is nice. All of your inputs are on the rear of the TV, with some facing sideways, and some facing straight back, unlike last year’s RU8000 which had only sideways facing inputs, making it easier to get to them all if you wall-mount the TV.

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There are two HDMI ports facing sideways, and one facing straight back, giving you a total of 3, which is one less than last year’s model. On the sideways-facing panel, you also have your tuner input and 2 USB ports. Facing backward you have your earlier-mentioned 3rd HDMI port, as well as your Digital Optical Audio out, ethernet port, and unlike many newer TVs, Samsung included composite inputs this year so you can plug in older devices, which is nice. As far as cable management, Samsung includes clips for the feet, similar to last year’s model. While this is very simple, it’s effective in helping route all your cables in one place.


The contrast ratio is the relative brightness of white versus dark areas in a scene. It is generally considered one of the most important aspects of picture quality, as a high contrast ratio helps dark scenes to appear more detailed without details getting lost in the gray. Unlike the slightly higher-end Q60T, the TU8000 doesn’t have Samsung’s new Dual LED technology to help its contrast. That being said, the native contrast ratio of this TV is excellent and is improved over last year’s RU8000.

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Reflections Colors

The TU8000’s reflection handling is typical of most mid-range TVs. Its semi-gloss finish helps diffuse reflections a bit across the screen though overall it’s only decent and may struggle in moderately well-lit rooms. It’ll likely be hard to see the image in a bright room or with direct glare from a window, especially since its SDR peak brightness is only decent. SDR Peak Brightness refers to how bright your screen can get when watching most standard non-HDR content.

Hertz Panel

Overall, this TV isn’t the best choice if you watch a lot of HDR movies or TV shows from your favorite streaming service, or play HDR-capable games from an Xbox One X or PS4 Pro. Speaking of games, how is the motion handling of this TV? Unlike last year’s RU8000 which had a 120 Hertz panel, all sizes of the TU8000 have a 60-hertz panel.

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