Samsung Odyssey G9 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Get a Samsung Odyssey G9 Black Friday Deal and save on your favourite Gaming Monitor. Check our Samsung G9 Cyber Monday & Boxing Day.

Samsung Odyssey G9 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

you’re looking for an ultra-wide gaming monitor I’ve got two here for you to pick from but there’s really one you should go for this is done – even border work and we are talking about the Samsung Odyssey g9 versus the Samsung CR g9 the VR g9 came out last year great monitor and in terms of naming it’s not that good to see our g9 confusingly that’s why the Odyssey g9 is out right now naming first of all is so much easier but there are so many things that make the other cg9 really good. Check Out Samsung Odyssey G7 Black Friday

samsung odessey g9 black friday


now don’t get me wrong the CR g9 last year was a great monitor ultra-wide 1800 hour curvature radius which is good it’s nice you also have four millisecond response time on here 120 Hertz you’ve got an AMD free sync 2.0 and this is HD r1000 a monitor so it’s a vibrant bright monitor resolution 50 120 by 1440 it looks really good and impacts seen quite a lot I mean see my game on this thing is great but scratch that back for a second let’s take a look at what the Odyssey g9 brings to the table first of all the curvature radius.

Graphics Card

which means it’s tighter it feels good you can see everything all around that panning space is really really really nice now this monitor comes with a one millisecond response time now this is also a 240 Hertz monitor, not a 120 this is 240 Hertz I mean that is ridiculous double the amount from last year also supports AMD free-sync to and sync at the same time so it doesn’t matter what gaming graphics card.

samsung odessey g9 cyber monday

Millisecond Response

you have you can switch doesn’t matter this monitor will support it now of course if this also is an HD out 1000 monitor so you’ve got a thousand it’s brightness in there and it looks really nice in terms of design the back panel looks all white with that blue lining slick I mean gaming on this thing will be ridiculous like I said the CR g9 itself is really solid but when you look at them side-by-side The Odyssey g9 really packs more punch this year because all the things I stated the fact now you’re going to 240 Hertz the fact that you have a 1-millisecond response side.

Gaming Footage

the fact that you don’t have to pick a graphics card and it doesn’t matter you can pick whatever you want and this will power all the way through oh it looks so good everyone at CES was doing it I had this thing I didn’t get a lot of gaming footage on there I did get off course some portrait footage of playing.

samsung odessey g9 boxing day

Final Words

you know overwatch and this monitor is insane I can’t wait now somebody wondering what about pricing know what I’m pricing yet but I believe the pricing will be similar to what the CIO g9 was last year with the CR g9 now dropping in price making it a more affordable monitor for you but for me the odyssey g9 is really the gaming monitor to get in 2020 can’t wait to check it out

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