Samsung Odyssey G7 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Get a Samsung Odyssey G7 available in 29 & 32 inches Black Friday Deal in Gaming Monitor. Check our Samsung G7 Cyber Monday & Boxing Day.

Samsung Odyssey G7 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

It is 32 inches, it runs at 240 hertz with a rated one-millisecond response time, and… all of that stuff we’ve seen before. No, the big deal here is the resolution. So 240 hertz, yeah, we’ve seen it before, at 1920 by 1080. But this manages it at 2560 by 1440. So at this kind of screen size, and it’s available in 27 or 32 inches, and this is the 32-inch one, it would not be pretty to be sitting monitor distance from a 1080p display. Check Out Samsung AU9000 Black Friday¬†

samsung odyssey black friday


I’m a little surprised to see an external power supply for such a large monitor. But the thing is, this is a VESA DisplayHDR 600 monitor, which means that it is probably using some form of full-array local dimming, which means that the backlight for the display is much bulkier than what you would find in just a typical edge-lit display. That is a hefty power supply too, wow, look at this thing.


Aw, check this out. That’s a cool cable management doodad. It’s got a built-in headphone stand. The secret sauce here is the DisplayPort 1.4 connection. So, while it does have an HDMI input right about there, if you want that full 240-hertz refresh rate at 1440p, oh yeah, it also has a built-in USB hub and an audio jack, you need to use DisplayPort because that is a lot of bandwidth. That’s basically like running four times that resolution, so that would be 5k, at 60 hertz.

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Titan RTX

Of course, in order to drive that kind of resolution at that kind of frame rate, we need a lot of power. So we’ve equipped our machine with an RTX 2080 Ti, to see just how far we get. Sorry, I was mistaken, it’s a Titan RTX. Either way, hopefully, we’re gonna have enough horses for that butter smoothness. Of course, the refresh rate is only part of the story for a gaming display.

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You know, it’s a funny thing, I marveled at this for so many years, how Samsung, a leading global technology company, based in South Korea of all places, took so long to take gaming monitors seriously. But yet, here we are, and I’m like, this is why I wanted you guys to do this stuff so many years ago because this is great! The curve is gonna be polarizing for some people, but when it comes to the performance of the panel, I don’t think we’re gonna see a lot of complaints from owners of this puppy.


Now let’s get real interesting, I have just fired up HDR, and we’re going to open up “Shadow of the Tomb Raider” here. That’s curious, my HDR profile was set to 30% or something like that out of the box, and because HDR assigns illuminance value per pixel, you definitely want that set to 100% on your display.

UFO test

Honestly, for this kind of game, this is plenty of fps, that are so smooth. The only thing disturbing the smoothness is the kind of jarring camera distance shifts, that’s it. Obviously, we’d need to grab the pursuit camera set up in order to objectively evaluate this, but having seen the UFO test on a lot of monitors…

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