Sage Barista Pro Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals 2021

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Sage Barista Pro Black Friday And Cyber Monday deals 2021

The reason we need a scale is that the dough style on the barista pro and most grinders only run on a timer the problem with using a timer is that as you grind coarser or finer the burrs grind more or fewer beans in the same amount of time thus varying your dose and making it frustrating to dial in once you have your scale you can weigh 18 grams pour into an empty hopper and grind until completely. Check Out Sage Duo Temp Pro Black Friday

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Palm tamper

This one which stops at a certain pressure or a palm tamper like the one I use which stops once it hits these ridges you don’t need an aftermarket tamper but again it will make your life a little easier so now that we know we have exactly 18 grams evenly distributed and tamped in a way we can repeat consistently we can pull our first shot to make sure the machine doesn’t stop.

30 and 35 seconds Adjustment time

The shot early we’ll put it into programming mode place the zeroed out scale with a shot glass under the spouts and hit the double shot button let the shot run until the scale reads 36 grams and then press the double shot button again to stop the extraction now note the time shown on the shot timer to start we want this time to be somewhere between 30 and 35 seconds.

Drinkable shot

Now have a drinkable shot of espresso but probably not a fantastic one this is because we have yet to take into account the roast level of the coffee and more importantly your personal preferences to do this we need to understand a little better the two factors that influence espresso taste.

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Strength & Extraction

Strength and extraction refer to how much coffee goodness the water was able to pull from the grounds over-extracted coffee can come across as bitter or astringent while under-extracted coffee will often come across as sour or unpleasantly acidic strength refer to how much coffee goodness was extracted relative to how much water was pushed through in the cup this will relate to the body or mouthfeel of the shot too high strength can come across as thick or muddy in texture.

Programming Mode

If you fall into one of the corners you may need to adjust both your grind setting and yield to reach your desired result I recommend only changing one variable at a time and always remembering to go into programming mode on your Breville when pulling a shot after an adjustment in general darker roasts will be easier to extract requiring a more coarse grind and less water lighter roasts, on the other hand, will require you to grind finer and have a higher yield to fully extract this brings us the shot temperature.

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Lighter roasts

This is commonly needed to properly extract lighter roasts oppositely very dark roasts may require you to lower the shot temperature in order to reduce bitterness without lowering the overall shot volume so to summarize choose a dose that’s appropriate for your filter basket size and keep it constant the most consistent way to accurately dose is to use a scale once your grind setting is all locked in you can then program the timer function to dose the correct amount.


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