Rode NT-USB Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Get a Rode NT-USB Black Friday Deal and save on your favourite Microphones. Check our latest Rode NT-USB Cyber Monday & Boxing Day sales.

Rode NT-USB Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

let you know we’ll be using this microphone the entire time included in the box we get one USB mini microphone and magnetic stand we also get one USB c to USB a cable we also get a 3 8 to 5 8 thread adapter alongside the USB cable to let’s talk a little bit about the form factor when it comes to the USB mini now I love the fact it comes on this magnetic stand the magnet is super strong. Check OutShure SM7B Black Friday

Rode NT-USB cyber monday


You can feel it start to pull about here and then yeah it’s never going to come off once you twist it in it’s basically secured now like this the magnet is super strong I love the fact you can also mount it onto any boom arm now I’m using the rode psa1 if you missed that video I’ll link it up in the cards and you can check out the review I’ve actually paid for this boom um and it’s super cool I got another one right here as well it’s great now.

USB Mini

Check out that now let’s cover some of the specifications for the rode enter USB mini while this is a condenser microphone we also get a cardioid polar pattern so its main objective is to just capture sound from the front and we’ll try that coming up when we test out the polar pattern on the microphone.

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3.5-Millimetre Headphone

We get a frequency response of 20 hertz to 20 kilohertz so the entirety of the human hearing spectrum the sample rate of the microphone is listed at 48 hertz and we also get 24-bit sampling which is awesome my old blue yeti microphone comes in at 16 so this is a definite upgrade on the back of the microphone we get a 3.5-millimetre headphone output which I’ve currently got my akg headphones plugged into now these headphones these are the k52s.

USB-C Type Connector

Which are one of the least premium they’re cheap one of the least premium set of headphones out there but I can hear myself no problems at all and in my headphones it actually sounds pretty good so hopefully this translates over the web additionally we get the USB-C type connector on the back of the microphone which powers the microphone on the front of the microphone we have our volume control for our headphones and this just controls the playback volume of any audio.

Rode NT-USB black friday


whether that’s your voice going into the microphone in real-time or someone else using a second microphone in the room you’ll hear them through your headphones as well. so this piece of software from rode road connect software allows you to connect up to four of these at any one time and hear and monitor everyone in the room via your headphones and then mix it on the fly very similar to that of the road caster pro.

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