Positive Grid Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

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Positive Grid Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

It’s well worth it gets three new amps so we get a double amp which is super cool those things are so expensive and almost impossible to find so very very cool we get a blues junior which is a little more run-of-the-mill but great to have on the spark and we get a high gain PV amp as well so I’m gonna plug them in uh give my first impressions I haven’t played through these patches yet so we’re gonna do kind of like a first look together.

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I’ll give you guys my impressions on the amps and we also get on the pedal side the clone centaur which is again super cool. hard to find pedal very expensive and then a couple like more like parametric eq kind of pedals so there you go we’re gonna plug this thing in and test out the new amps here we go all right you guys I’ve got my phone connected to the spark and we’re on the dumbbell patch now the dumbbell is a single channel amp so no overdrive.


I’ve got everything at 12 o’clock we’ll put the new clone pedal in front of it in a second let’s just test out some clean tones just playing some soft chords.so it’s a really warm kind of uh tone to it definitely kind of channels that really kind of mid-range nasally kind of tone sounds great to let’s play just a few chords here yeah some nice overtones and stuff I think that dumble and this uh clone pedal the clone.

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Aggressive Guitar

Clone uh really kind of complement each other really nice that’s some cool tone I’ll play something a little bit up higher here yeah that’s a fantastic combination let’s check out the blues jr all right you guys I’ve got the blues junior queued up and I’m just using yeah great sounding amp super fun so that is the brand new insane 6508 and this guitar obviously is not like a super you know aggressive guitar, uh the pickups the humbuckers here are more on the vintage side.

Three Quarters

Still can kick it out pretty intense that’s a great amp uh the settings are on the screen as you see them so I’ve set up the eq just to kind of cut the mids boost the treble just a little bit um and again at three quarters and you know even on a guitar like this uh it’s pretty chuggable super fun uh you know what let’s hit up the clone in front of that as well sometimes this.

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You know we’ll just you know an overdrive in front of you know broken up high gain amp can really tighten things up let’s see if it does that here as well take it off yeah I mean the guys from positive grid have got that nailed you know an overdrive in front we’ll do that again turn that on yeah I love how they’ve modelled that so that it works you know kind of in the same way as it would in the real world so very very cool.

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