Philips 65PUS8545/12 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Get a Philips Ambilight 65, 43, 50, 58, 70-inch Black Friday Deal and save on your favourite LED. Check our Philips Cyber Monday & Boxing Day.

Philips Ambilight 65PUS Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Philips performance series a model of flagship-level specs but not the flagship-level price and from PR to packaging advertising to in-store displays we designed it all to make choosing a new TV a lot easier and a whole lot more fun the results surprised even our biggest optimists the European press published us a whopping 3,000 articles.      Check out Dell S2716DG Black Friday

philipis 65 black friday


we picked up thousands of online views and went on to win more than teen awards across Europe but the best part was the reaction from our television vine customers ins of new customers took our great new TV home increasing sales by over 75% that’s great news fruity provisioning producer Philips great news for our dealer partners and great news for the most important people involved our TV buying customers in Europe during last year for the performance.

Customers & Technologies

it’s the whole project was a success both in terms of peer recognition and in terms of sales the cell number as when we compared second half of 2018 so before performance various lounge on into the market with the second half of 2019 cell imaging meaning invoiced to customers so we really also ranked table sales numbers you are all experts here in this room but for regular customers all those technologies.

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we understand why do we think so we have four reasons to believe so there are two internally developed reasons which are Ambilight which is the most unique TV feature on the market still and p5 perfect perfect processing engine which is our internally developed picture processing.


you will hear more about it in Danny’s room of course two other pillars on which we based this project was Android TV as the best smart to do braking system on the market more than 5,000 apps thousands of developers worldwide being capable of developing for this operating system with over 85% of mobile devices worldwide working on Android that’s a powerful ecosystem.

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we are part of it then we’re partnering up with Dolby to implement Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos into our products and that’s what we those are the pillars on which we based our performance there are stories we could talk long about each of the pillars but this year we want to make it all about I’m black so we will move to the next presentation next night and we will now focus on them on the amulet pillar.


Google reset demo so that was the pp for acquire controlling the whole smart home environment as Vince’s and nice event and actually it’s also the way I believe implementing far-field in the smart home environment is the best way so implementing in a smart speaker in a soundbar I think it’s much better than on the TV because then you can control stuff well when the TV is in standby mode you can just play music on the soundbar is much more energy-efficient as well.

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