Panasonic DP Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Get a Panasonic DP UB820eb Black Friday Deal and save on your favorite DVD Player. Check our latest Panasonic DP Cyber Monday & Boxing Day.

Panasonic DP UB820eb Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Together with UB820 and flagship UB9000, these are among the very few UHD Blu-ray players on the market that support both Dolby Vision and HDR10+ dynamic metadata HDR formats, along with HDR10 and HLG.
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 Standard Panasonic blu-ray player

Standard Panasonic blu-ray players I think they do a good job overall with the fit and finish of the packaging so it’s really nice and you feel like a premium product even though this is definitely not on their higher end of products at all so uh I really like the fact that you still feel like you are getting a premium product you can pick this up if you are in the UK.

Elegant and a dimmable display

The way that they package things overall now in regards to this case um they used to put styrofoam and things and I just liked it better personally but um Panasonic shows that their products can hold up in shipping in that product but yeah this is a beautiful place Its very very simple not that you need something complex but overall it just looks really nice.

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It’s a bare basic remote and I’ve compared it with the 420s remote here and it just looks how small it is it’s like the little brother it’s the small medium large almost like you look at the iPhones that come out you know what size remote are you looking for but it doesn’t have any weight to it the 420s remote does actually have a little bit of weight so that’s nice and these remotes are interchangeable so you could use one over the other if you prefer to do.

Disc loading tray

The way that the front display looks with that lip that folds down and your disc loading tray and everything’s hidden but here on the top of this check this out that matte finish that you get that Panasonic has makes the top of this player look really really nice again.

panasonic dp cyber monday

Remote control

This one you cannot do any of that so this is their 4k product as opposed to their 4k pro products even though its model number is higher that’s one of the things that was interesting or at least. This little player but still holds up its own it looks great looks way better than the sony just it’s not it gets the job done but it’s not one of my favorite players in the least.


This one you don’t have wi-fi so you actually have to wire this directly to your router so that’s one of the trade-offs that you’re getting with this player as well but again you’re getting Dolby vision if that’s what’s important to you so as you can see here the menu looks exactly the same as the 420 and the ub 9000 so no surprises here it’s very clean it’s very simple and I really like it overall it’s easy enough.

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