Numark Scratch Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

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Numark Scratch Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Big time DJ or anything like that I’m a beat producer recording artist but I do enjoy the experience of djing at home just did a little bit of djing in japan back in the 90s but nothing real heavy um I just want to find something at home that I can use and really enjoy myself uh keeping it relatively simple and not complicating it too much but also not limiting myself too much. Check Out Behringer Xr18 Black Friday

Numark Scratch black friday

DJ mixer

You want the experience to be enjoyable so I picked this one up because the cost was really good um it had pretty much most of the features that I thought I wanted in a DJ mixer you’re sending the uh effect to it allows you to turn it on and off really quickly so you can just get a little bit of it or a lot the whole position will keep that effect on of course but here are some of the other pros this is just one of my favourites.

Upgrade to S9

It’s fun to use it looks cool the effects are great these are onboard effects however I found that um when you use it as a standalone mixer and you’re not using it with Serato uh these aren’t usable so that was a little bit disappointing for me I’m not sure if that’s something that happens with all uh hybrid DJ mixers or if it’s just something that happens with this one I’m actually going to go ahead and upgrade to the s9.

Numark Scratch cyber monday

Great Fader

S9 will allow you to use these when you’re in just standalone mixer mode but I hope so but moving on one of the pros that I found is that this machine has an innovator in it buttery smooth great fader this thing is smooth it sounds great it’s very responsive and it’s loose there’s not much of a gap in space from where you activate the fader and it triggers the other uh the other deck to come through in the sound.


This to be like just a tiny bit of movement and you can open up that fader to bring in that the sound from the second deck and this inner fader does just that there’s not a lot of space so if you’re scratch happy and you’re really into your cuts this thing is is amazing all right moving on the loop function I think is great um you can set your loop length here and just tap it in tap it off so that’s really cool.

Numark Scratch boxing day


It does have that, uh and that, of course, syncs up with Serato I use it with Serato DVS so I can use regular turntables with control vinyl um I like that old school feel that’s what I was used to when I did a little bit of djing was uh you know messing around with a little bit for fun which I still do you know I’m just doing it for fun but uh I like that function the loop function on here.


Phenomenal Machine

This is a phenomenal machine with as far as the interface is nice and clean and easy to work with it, so they’ve already pointed that out of course that’s a great pro it’s a standalone mixer and another thing I like a lot is that you can um you can change the uh the fader to use it in hamster mode or reverse and you can also change the slope so if you got you got that smooth transition or you got that hard cut that you like if you’re a scratch DJ or if that’s just your preference.

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