Noco Gb40 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

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Noco Gb40 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Noco gb40 and see if it can jump-start the car all right so I’ve been carrying this NOCO around in my kit for maybe six-seven months now and I charged it when I originally got it and I haven’t actually touched it since and it’s held its charge completely uh that entire time so in terms of charging it doesn’t take very long to charge.              Check Out TomTom Go 6200 Black Friday 


noco gb40 cyber monday

Fast charging

Honestly, because it’s such an easy thing to use I tossed out the instructions a long time ago so I don’t know how exactly how long it takes to charge but it shows you on the device when it is charged I think it maybe took an hour at the most but it holds that charge for a really long time the other really good benefit of it is that it has enough charge that you should be able to jump a vehicle uh more than once uh off of one battery charge.

Jump-start powerful battery

You get in a situation where you’ve got to jump in and then you turn the car off later down the line as you’re trying to get it fixed or repaired and you got to jump it again you should be able to do that just fine now keep in mind that your mileage may vary so to speak so if you’ve got a bigger battery for a bigger truck or something you may want to get the larger size.

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Regular USB outlet

There’s a couple of different power options for this so the gb40 and there are some other ones that are stronger but I’ve never actually gotten to use this in a real-world test on dead battery I got it for the jeep and well quite frankly it’s been there as a backup plan and this protection just in case something happened but I haven’t actually had the need to use it and now that I’ve got a dead car behind me uh seems like the perfect time to see if this thing lives up to the hype so basically all the gb40 is this battery pack.

Power cables

Other devices like your phone camera batteries all that kind of stuff so for someone like me who brings a lot of equipment on the road when I’m vlogging and things this is a great way to charge other batteries in a pinch if I have to the other thing about this is it’s got this big power connector here where you actually plugin you’re uh your power cables for the battery all of this comes in a self-contained nice little carrying case.

noco gb40 black friday

Positive and negative terminals

The battery is pretty toast even before trying to start the car you can hear it just clicking and clicking and clicking as it’s trying to run lights and stuff let’s actually try to start this thing up and see what it does yeah there’s nothing at all so this battery is good and dead it’s possible this battery is actually too dead to jump so that may be another concern and another hurdle.


We were able to get the car running which is awesome it went from a completely dead battery to up and running which is exactly what that note is supposed to do, uh it’s a really handy thing to have in your car in your tool kit, uh if you’re out on the road by yourself it can kind of be a lifesaver uh or even if you’re just sort of stuck in an awkward spot where it’s hard to get another car around to jump.

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