Mooer GE200 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

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Mooer GE200 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

what are the differences between the ge200 and the ge250 does the ge250 sound better so I thought I’d make this video so that way we can look at some of the differences between the two units and then at the end of the video we’ll shoot out both of the units both in a mix as well as solo so that way you can hear exactly what’s going on with the guitars and make a decision for yourself whether or not you think the ge250 sounds better or not or does or not, whatever now I haven’t had much time with the ge250. Check out Akg C414 Black Friday


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I’ve been getting a couple of things that I noticed right away is first off there’s a new age studio for the 250 the new age studio reminds me a lot of the hx edit for the hx stomp I find the interface a little bit more user-friendly and a little bit easier to navigate another huge addition is the effects loop this means you can use it in conjunction with any outboard gear you might have or other pedals or you can use it in the four cable method configuration with an amplifier it just adds so much versatility to the ge250.


It’s something that I think was a really smart move to include on this unit you also have a DSP monitor so you can see how much of your processor’s power you’re using and that way you can kind of gauge whether or not you want to add more effects or whether you need to start cutting things out of your chain there are independent volume knobs for both the xlr outputs and the quarter-inch outputs which is great because that means you don’t have one master control controlling the volume that’s going out to the front of house and to your amplifier you have two extra effects buttons.

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Controlled By Midi

Which are user-assignable and although they’re kind of limited in the effects that you can add to them it’s still a really cool feature to have two extra user assigned effects the addition of the xlr outputs in the midi was also a huge improvement over the ge200 this means the ge250 can not only be controlled by midi but can also be used as a midi controller and the addition of the xlr outputs lets you use balanced cables either going out into a mixer or going into your audio interface they’ve also included a power switch on the ge250 which although minor it was kind of a big gripe with me with the ge200.

mooer ge200 cyber monday


It just felt really weird plugging in the unit to turn it on and unplugging it to turn it off and the biggest new feature in the ge250 is the tone capture feature with this feature you can capture amplifiers or you know kind of whatever you want to run your guitar signal through okay so those are just some of the cool new features that are included with the ge250 but what everyone wants to know is does it sound better than the ge200.


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