Microsoft GO 2 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

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Microsoft Surface GO 2 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

The surface goes 2 is a dinky 10.5 inches ideal for carrying about the place all day long it’s so compact that you can slap it in a decent-sized handbag never mind a backpack or whatever else the tablet itself weighs just over half a kilo while slapping on that surface go type cover only adds a tiny little bit of extra weight and girth.

Check Out Acer Chromebook R13 Black Friday But even with that cover slapped on there the surface go-to is an incredibly slim and light device its great news for weedy exercise dodgers like myself who don’t want to lug around a big cumbersome heavy machine all day and as an added bonus the surface go type cover will even help protect that screen from damage completely covering.

microsoft surface go 2 black friday

5-Megapixel Webcam

Most tablets it’s not exactly super hot in that area although to be fair you do get a proper USB port as well as a micro slot for expanding the 128 gigs of onboard storage but of course, as always you can upgrade that to the full-fat version and then get downloading all the dodgy software from the internet if you like and either way you’ve got full windows hello support as well so you can unlock the surface score 2 just using the webcam and your gorgeous mug now 5-megapixel webcam does a great job for skype calls zoom chats things.

Dual-Mic Setup

Like that as well captures your mug in a startling amount of detail even in quite low light ambient situations and as you can see here a little light pops to life alongside that webcam when it is in use as well so although there’s no sort of privacy shield or anything at least you know when you are being filmed and you’ve also got a dual-mic setup as well for better audio clarity when you are on a skype or a zoom call and that can help to just reduce the background noise as well.

microsoft surface go 2 boxing day

220 Pixels

As for the actual screen while it’s a slightly larger 10.5-inch pixel sense screen this time around compared with the 10-inch of the original surface go not much growth but an extra half an inch can be quite satisfying it’s not really any sharper than before 220 pixels per inch but it’s absolutely fine for kicking back with an HD movie or getting busy with a creative app color are reasonably natural and once again impressive brightness levels on that maximum setting too so you’ve got no worries seeing this thing when you’re set outside.

microsoft surface go 2 cyber monday


When working on chrome with a few different tabs open occasionally I’d be scrolling through a web page or whatever and the go-to words stutter just a little bit just trying to catch up a little bit disconcerting but nothing too annoying sadly even recent games that aren’t too demanding like the risk of rain 2 are stuttery to the point of being unplayable regardless of whether you drop the graphic settings all the way down so you’ll definitely have to go proper old school.


The geekbench was just as modest as well a very simple score of 371 for single-core and 953 for the multi-core so that basically just confirms that yes the performance is definitely basic as for the internet connectivity well you’ve got the option of lite support if you want to stay connected wherever you roam although of course, you’ll have to stump up for a date contract as well as for the wi-fi i found that worked perfectly well for me stayed at a strong stable connection.


This is the best product these days, best for children and teenagers also and obviously older people. they can carry it easily everywhere, lots of features in mini thing its incredible and not a more expensive thing also. Thanks for your appreciation.

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