Logitech G29 | G920 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

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Logitech G29 | G920 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

I’m bringing you my review of the Logitech g920 steering wheel. This wheel is designed for the pc and Xbox, but Logitech also makes the g29 for those looking for a will for the pc and ps4 now. Although this wheel’s been around for a few years, it was still a trendy choice in 2020.

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As you can tell, I’m not going to start by showing the box like I usually would as I feel a little bit pointless as there’s not a massive spec list to reel off, so this time I’m just going to jump straight in cylindric g920 is a stepping stone into the world of sim racing. This wheel and the g29 are commonly seen as beginner wheels.


But they’re far from essential in build and feel the g920. Although plastic in construction is a solid unit, the wheel feels like the wheel with a real car with a leather cover that feels and smells fantastic. Suppose you’re familiar with an Xbox one controller.

In that case, you’ll recognize all of the buttons on the face of the wheel, so any racing game you usually play with an Xbox controller should transfer straight over. so you can get straight into the racing on the back of the wheel we’ve got two stainless steel shifter panels perfect for quick shifts now. However, it can get a little bit tricky getting used to shifting.

Degrees of Motion

Especially when the wheel’s upside down, trust me, on that there is another way around it which I’ll cover later at the heart of the revolution. It’s relatively quiet, and you don’t notice it when driving. Now it’s not a direct drive wheel, but it’s a great starting to the world of steering wheels, and I found it a very immersive experience.
When using in project cars, dirt rally with neuro tracks in the world offers 900 degrees of motion, giving a super realistic experience.

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Properties of Wheel

All of the cables minus the USB are removable and have their cable management channels to run through, so that means they stay nice and tidy. They don’t get pinched when clamping the wheel to the desk or onto your cockpit, so onto the pedals, and we’ve got a clutch brake and accelerator now you mainly see two pedals on a more affordable steering wheel, so seeing a clutch on this is excellent they’ve all got different resistances to keep it realistic the accelerator is the largest the grip is a little bit stiffer. The brake is the hardest of the three on the underside.

Logitech G29 Working

We’ve got rubber pads mounting holes for a cockpit and also a flip-out spike strip for use on a carpet. This actually works well and is also very sharp, so do be careful now. This is where it gets a little bit complicated. The pedals use rubber behind to give the resistance, but the brake pedal uses a piece twice as thick as the clutch, making the brake require a stupidly high pressure to get it to engage.

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Conclusion & Precaution

If you’re using this on a desk with a gaming or office chair, you may find you push yourself back from the pressure you need to apply. That’s happened to me a few times, so it’s not great now earlier it is an extra, but I did want to show a solution for those of you that might not be keen on the flappy paddle experience, all in all, this is a solid wheel package with excellent force feedback and an immersive, realistic driving experience and good build quality brake issue aside this is the perfect start to the world of sim waxing or to give it even more realistic experience.

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