Lava Me 2 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

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Lava Me 2 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

I play electric and if I need an acoustic for a gig or for recording then I have a full-size acoustic that I typically grab yet I am continually drawn to and continue to add these three-quarter-sized or mini acoustic guitars to my collection now this lava metoo acoustic guitar is the most recent little guitar to captivate my attention it’s completely modern and innovative in its design yet it has such a familiar feel when you pick it up and play it.

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The lava metro’s unibody design is made of carbon fibre which keeps the guitar super lightweight but also makes the guitar much less susceptible to extreme temperatures and warping the guitar also comes in a number of matte finish options I had to go with this blue finish as a little nod to the first guitar that I ever owned now at first glance the non-traditional sound hole had me wondering about the resonance of this guitar.


However, I quickly discovered that the resonance of this guitar is great and it leaves very little to be desired on the inside of this guitar there’s a curved honeycomb structure lava calls this there breathe net honeycomb and it helps to provide a nice resonance and a nice clear sound the lava metoo is also equipped with the l2 pickup which essentially allows the back of the guitar to function as a speaker.

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Modern Features

When turning on the pickup you have the option to dial in some reverb as well as one additional effect like chorus or delay and to be honest with you I expected this to be a little gimmicky but it actually works really well it sounds really cool and it adds a whole different inspiring element to the playing experience do now with all of this guitar’s awesome modern features.

Acoustic Guitars

I was a little disappointed to see that there’s no built-in tuner that’s just something that I’ve grown accustomed to with modern-day acoustic guitars but maybe we’ll see that included in future models but all in all, this is one of my favourite little guitars to date it just sounds really good plus the lightweight design paired with the included backpack style carrying case make this an ideal travel guitar I’ve already started just bringing this guitar everywhere with me I even brought it with me on a recent trip to Costa Rica.

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it was super easy and convenient to travel with and I just always like to have a guitar with me be sure to check out the video from that trip if you’re interested in hearing a little bit more from this lava metoo acoustic guitar and as always you can find more info on this guitar in the description below but that’s gonna do it for today.

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