Huion Gt 191 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Get a Huion Kamvas Gt 191 Black Friday Deal and save on your favourite Drawing Tablet, check our Huion Gt 191 Cyber Monday & Boxing Day.

Huion Kamvas Gt 191 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

This is the Hui on canvas GT 191 it is a screen-based drawing tablet that you plug into your Windows or Mac computer this device was provided to me by the fine folks over at on it has a nineteen point five-inch screen.

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Huion Kamvas Gt 191 black friday

Colour bleed

The screen looked really good oftentimes will plug in a monitor like this and will fiddle with the contrast in the colour I’m not a big colour guy so if fiddling with the colour that means that the colour is a little off so the fact that it was just fine the only notable downside of the screen is that there’s a little bit of colour bleed when you scroll I’m not sure if the effect.

Logic pen drivers

This tablet starts using it notice that just know that it goes away and even though the need in a review like this to describe issues like that whether it’s the light bleed when scrolling or whether it’s the rough texture when drawing early on with the tablet it all comes down to the pen many of these third-party tablets use you see logic pen drivers.

Pressure sensitivity

Over the last few months that are very similar to this is that this pen is very much updated and has 8,000 levels of pressure sensitivity compared to some of the other tablets technology behind it it’s just once you reach a certain level of pressure sensitivity you’re not gonna really notice the upgrades that happened past it it’s like it had 2000 cookies and someone came along and gave me 8,000 cookies.

Huion Kamvas Gt 191 cyber monday

Shoe stringing effects

It’s great to have 8,000 cookies absolutely but am gonna notice that has 6,000 more cookies, not for a few hours there is a slight wobble which is pretty common with these battery-powered pens like this one but the pressure is really responsive holds it well around curves past most of my line test really fast strokes you will get some shoe stringing effects main thing here that you should be aware of when it comes to the pen.

Wacom pen

The initial activation force how much pressure do you have to apply to the pen before a line starts to appear on your canvas if you are a light sketcher you’re gonna notice that you’re gonna have to apply more pressure than you might want to in order to get that line to actually appear especially if you’re used to a Wacom pen or like an Apple pencil you’re definitely gonna notice and like most tablets similar to this you’re going to have to contend with parallax.

Huion Kamvas Gt 191 boxing day

Little latch

This is definitely a good option for you this stand is like a lot of the other stands that I’ve used recently it’s a little bit heavy it’s a little bit bulky but boy is it solid the adjustability is handled by this little latch on the back which means once you’ve secured it’s not gonna slide down on you or change position at all the position of the wires coming out of the back of the tablet is not ideal however they’re kind of going down towards the stand so you have to bend them around.

DVI VGA or HDMI cable

You can connect this with either a DVI VGA or HDMI cable if you don’t know what any of those letters just meant you are so lucky the cable it comes with is an HDMI cord if you need the DVI or VGA you’re either gonna need to find an adapter or bring your own cord to the party.

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