Milwaukee M18FID2 Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals 2021

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Milwaukee M18FID2 Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals 2021

impact mechanisms in there this it’s just for self-defence I’ve also got a random guy in the back we’ll call him Clint and he’s gonna be running sometimes for us so we don’t get too far out in the left-field so anyway just the basics here the impact driver has a rotational impact mechanisms hammer and an anvil and every time.

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so but let’s see what happens if you use both of them to do a fastening job and then we’ll go outside we’ll see what happens if you use both of them and concrete so I’ve got some quarter-inch ledger screws here and we’ll start with our impact driver make sure we’re in high speed and I’ve got a full battery we’re using Milwaukee’s three amp-hour high output batteries for this particular experiment alright.

Shipping Motion

now the impact driver is designed for fastening jobs like this and it’s got a higher rpm than the hammer drill does but of course once it’s under load things change so let’s see what happens here and we’re gonna make sure that we are in Hammer mode we want the impact action to be what we’re looking at not just the rotation of the drill so in hammer mode again this is designed with a back and forth shipping motion.milwaukee m18 cyber monday


so it’s not necessarily gonna do us any favours in this again we’ll just get it started you can hear that hammer action let me just double-check and make sure we’re in highest be there all right random Clint you ready 140 140 like one-second point four yeah that’s really fast ready yep three two one go Wow one-fifty last one ready three two one go 135 all right Cliff’s gonna do some math I’m gonna kind of break this down a little bit,

2.6 Seconds

just to what I’m feeling as this is going obviously the drill is faster and if you look back at our drill versus impact driver video you can see that’s actually pretty consistent all right so the final numbers 2.6 seconds for our impact driver 1.4 – for our hammer drill but here’s the thing we would never actually use the hammer drill mode to fasten in wood if we didn’t want to use that we just throw it into the drill driver mode and that’s the way to go so now let’s take it outside of the concrete.

Rotational Impact Mechanism

see what happens all right so we got a half-inch Bosch multi-purpose bit here that we’re using to drill into concrete I’m gonna start with the impact driver remember that’s got the rotational impact mechanism in it so I don’t expect for it to give us a lot of help chipping into the concrete like this but let’s see what happens and the flags on here just to make sure that I go to the same depth with both of them all right.

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now that we’ve got our bit back let’s go to the hammer July remember this one’s got the chipping impact motion so we expect this to be a lot faster than that twelve and a half seconds from the impact driver all right ready clip right three two one go so a little more than a three-second difference there let’s go unpack it all right.


if why you want to use that even though it might be a little bit slower is because it’s just putting less strain on your wrist and when you get into really long and really thick diameter fasteners it’s going to make an even bigger difference in your driving speeds

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