Hyperx Revolver S Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Get a Hyperx Cloud Revolver S Black Friday Deal and save on your favourite Headphones, check our Hyperx Cloud Cyber Monday & Boxing Day.

Hyperx Cloud Revolver S Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Eber here with hurricane ax and gaming headsets have always been an interesting point for debate in many cases the word gaming is simply attached to a product to make it sound more appealing to gamers.

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hyperx cloud revolver s black friday

HyperX Cloud headsets

A terrible microphone to create a product that’s somehow supposed to appeal to gamers the number of crappy headsets we’ve come across is incredible this is where the cloud revolver s from HyperX comes in two things this is the flagship headset in hyper axis line up both Dimitri a number of HyperX cloud headsets and have linked some of those down below this one is a little different because of the S in its name which stands for you guessed it surrounds.

Premium quality

Basically, this headset shares the same design and drivers found on the original revolver but it comes with a plug-and-play Dolby Surround 7.1 module and the S model looks like the original revolver headset but if you pay close attention to the fine details they’ve eliminated the plastic and glossy finish on the ear cups and replaced it with a soft-touch rubberized material it certainly adds a layer of premium quality but the metal frame observed sound which was the most annoying factor of an otherwise comfortable pair of headphones.

Metal frame design

HyperX addressed that issue by adding these rubber inserts at the corner which are supposed to reduce vibrations but unfortunately they didn’t do the trick either and I still got some reverberations through the headset this shouldn’t happen but it isn’t unique to the cloud series either since many headsets with this type of metal frame design and a self-adjusting headband exhibit reverb from their cords through banned into the ear cups on a positive note the overall clamping force is minimal but still secure thanks to a wider headband.

hyperx cloud revolver s cyber monday

2 meter USB cable

HyperX is also well known for the signature memory foam found on your ear pads so if we’re talking comfort this thing gets a solid 10 out of 10 from my perspective just make sure to vent your ears occasionally since their clothes back nature of these your cups can cause a buildup of sweat out of the box you get a few accessories like a 2-meter splitter cable the detachable boom microphone and a 2 meter USB cable with the plug-and-play surround module.

Cost compatibility

You can hear it does a really good job isolating background noise plus it sounds a lot better than the g5 33 headsets it being nasally so that’s awesome the cable coming out of the headset is approximately a meter long plus it’s reasonably thick braided and flexible which is awesome it’s also pretty short especially if you plan to route it behind your PC but this was primarily done to provide cost compatibility with Xbox one ps4 Mac mobile devices.

hyperx cloud revolver s boxing day

USB dongle

VR headsets the shorter cable will definitely help with cable management in those situations and if you do plan to route it behind your system the provided extension cables are more than long enough to do the job and now let’s talk about the main selling point of the revolver as gaming headset which is this plug and play USB dongle that features a high-quality sound processor which also happens to process the Dolby Digital surround sound it’s pretty straightforward.

Equalizer button

The headset to the unit and gives you access to volume adjust for both the headphone and microphone there’s also an equalizer button that cycles through three different presets starting with a bass boost then flat and finally vocals you can easily monitor that through the three individually LEDs last but not least you’ll find the microphone mute button and the star of the show the Dolby Digital 7.1 which turns red when enabled the same goes for the microphone so when you enable this feature.

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