Hyperx Cloud 2 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

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Hyperx Cloud 2 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

A brand spanking new gaming headset that just launched today unless you’re watching this video on a different day that isn’t this one this is the HyperX cloud 2 successors to the original cloud had said which became widely popular.

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hyperx cloud 2 black friday

HyperX logo

Among gamers for its affordability comfort and quality now you can still buy the original cloud for just 80 bucks the headphones themselves look near identical to their original and this is a good thing matte black plastic ear cups with brushed aluminium side panels a sturdy metal frame with easy adjustment for head size and a padded headband with high-quality stitching accompanied by an embroidered HyperX logo the super lightweight of just 350 grams

Flexible microphone

This headset is wearable for hours on end without any discomfort you might even say that it feels like a cloud on your head oh that’s why they call it that it comes with pre-installed around-the-ear leatherette memory foam pads which feel good but they’ve also included a pair of velour pads as a comfy alternative the boom pole microphone is flexible for optimal mic placement.

Cherry MX switches

Use the headphones in public without looking like this guy to test the sound and noise isolation of the microphone check one two hello everyone this is a sound test using the HyperX cloud 2 gaming headset in a silent room with no ambient noise whatsoever unless the stupid dog starts barking outside then I’m going to kill it stupid dog alright this is the second test these Cherry MX switches on like k70 RGB hello my name is Kyle and this is a test with a keyboard.

hyperx cloud 2 cyber monday

Mic and audio signals.

While the mic sounds a bit tinny it’s decent enough for a gaming headset but it still did pick up a good chunk of noise from the red Cherry MX switches on my k70 RGB despite the mics cardioid pattern in the microphones defence however it did do a nice job of leaving out the noise of my AC unit as well as the screams coming from my face shifting back to the headset a nice improvement over the original cloud.

Leatherette pads & USB dongle

The leatherette pads when travelling in noisy crowded areas like a subway or a subway and that brings us to the main feature that separates the cloud 2 from its predecessor the included 2 meter USB dongle with built-in sound card and audio control unit but the dongle plugged into your computer and your headphones plugged into the control unit you get access to volume up and down buttons for your mic and headphone.

hyperx cloud 2 deals

FPS shooters

When gaming on the left side you do get a microphone mute switch and a shirt clip on the back but the real star of the show here is definitely support for 7.1 channel audio one press of the centre button enables a virtual 7.1 surround sound which I found to be good for watching movies and playing certain games like FPS shooters and survival horror.

Co-developer cue pad

This virtualized element of depth makes for a much more immersive experience all around it’s also the focal point when it comes to deciding whether or not to buy this headset there’s no doubt that HyperX and co-developer cue pad have upheld their standard of high quality and comfort with the cloud to’s but at just 80 bucks the tried-and-true Cloud headset makes them a tough sell unless you deem the extra 20 bucks worthy of getting 7.1 channel.

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