HP M283FDW Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

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HP M283FDW Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

look at the HP colour laserjet the pro the model is an M 283 FTW its HP’s all-in-one meaning can copy scan print and FRA those with beepers it will fax for you so let’s do a quick unboxing and let’s take a look at what comes inside it comes with the manuals the phone cable the USB cable and the power cord now let’s take a look at some of the highlights for this printer it will do 22 pages per minute in colour and monochrome. Check it out Canon Pixma Pro-100S Black Friday

hp m283 fdw black friday

HP Smart App

which is basically print jobs that utilize the black toner cartridge only it’s got a 50-page document feeder which makes it a lot easier when you got a scanned copy or fax multiple pages at a time it utilizes a dual-band Wi-Fi meaning you can connect it to your two-point four or five-point old gigahertz and does allow for mobile printing but you do have to download the HP smart app it does have an improved auto-on feature.

Sheets Capacity

which basically means there wakes whenever you send it a print job it also comes with a very responsive 2.7 touchscreen LCD giving you complete access to the system settings menu options and it does give you access to templates it also has an amazing feature of being an automatic duplex printer which for me makes a world of difference there’s no more flipping the page we’re inserting the paper tray it does have a 250 sheet input paper tray capacity it does say 260 on the box but at 260.

hp m283 fdw cyber monday

Duplex Printer

if you get a paper jam clean out your rollers basically maintenance which will keep this duplex printer option running pretty smooth it does allow for USB or rj45 connection meaning you can network this printer a replacement design for the HP toner cartridges hasn’t changed much it’s a quick access tray in the front each toner cartridge yields about 800 pages in blank and 700 in color the average.

Photo Quality

very impressed with the photo quality the color saturation is very rich the text is sharp with clean lines even the small text looks very good the copy performance was also impressive considering the speed and the color complexity of the mobile printing app the HP smart app I believe it’s called it is a little glitchy it doesn’t connect to the printer every time you start the app so it does take a little troubleshooting which gets a little frustrating some of the highlights of this printer for me are the speed at which it prints the dual Wi-Fi the amazing color saturation the photo quality.

hp m283 fdw boxing day


that it offers and once you go to duplex printing once you can do two-sided printing automatically believe me you can’t go back it’ll be a feature you can’t live without overall I definitely recommend it it’s a workhorse of a laserjet with the great performance it’ll fit most home office needs and for those home enthusiasts that love printing beautiful photo-quality pictures there are printers for you.

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