Gpd Win 2 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

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GPD Win 2 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

The GPD win a super tiny but full-fledged Windows computer well guess what there’s a sequel and it’s in a black and gold box and it comes out like this look people like unboxings right look at this thing it’s bigger faster and better every possible way. Check Out Acer Chromebook R13 Black Friday


gdp win 2 black friday

Six-inch gorilla glass-topped

This thing is really impressive the display is a six-inch gorilla glass-topped H IPS 10-point multi-touch display so it’s 1280 by 720 which is not amazing today but is good enough for a device this size the processor is a core m37 Y 30 so what’s cool about that is that that is not atom-based that’s a 15 watt KB Lake that runs one gigahertz base 2.6 gigahertz boost it’s got 2 cores and it’s hyperthreaded it’s running Intel HD graphics 615 so not the most capable we’ll look at it a little closer later eight gigs of LP ddr3 RAM.

USB C dongle and micro SD slot

So you’ve got your USB type-c that handles charging duties and from our testing also handles outputting to like a USB C dongle so you could adapt it to HDMI or an SD slot or whatever else you want it’s got a headphone jack it’s got a USB 3 type-a port it’s got a micro SD slot and it’s also got a micro HDMI output so if you wanted to hook it up to a monitor or something then you could totally do that right.


The joysticks from gamepad mode over to Mouse mode and all of a sudden boom there you go you’re moving your mouse cursor around it’s not you know a nipple and it’s not a trackpad but with a little bit of practice you could definitely get really good with this thing joystick quality now that was really impressive apparently these are sourced from the Japanese company Alps.

gdp win 2 cyber monday

Well-integrated graphics

The Internet assuming your connections good enough using a service like a parsec if you have a powerful enough machine somewhere you can play full-quality games even though the GPU on this thing really is not nearly powerful enough to run games like a shadow of war so how bad you might ask running things natively well-integrated graphics are still what they are beasts we’re seeing occasional stutters and this is running at 720p actually.

60 Hertz display

Not even apparently we’re running with pillar boxes for some reason like to be clear it’s not fair to expect Deus Ex mankind divided to run well you know even at 720p on all low settings but as long as you’re looking at kind of older games and you don’t expect to be getting a smooth 60 or 120 frames per second not that would matter.

gdp win 2 boxing day

Simple VPN

It’s got a lot of versatility and the fact that there is a second one means that there’s clearly a market for these devices out there because the first one wasn’t exactly cheap either speaking of things that there’s definitely a market for tunnel bear is the simple VPN for folks that don’t want to fool around with a bunch of complex settings in order to make their internet browsing more private and secure not to mention get the ability to access services that are geo-restricted or otherwise not available in their region with tunnel bear turned on your connection is secured.

Final Words

Your online activity is kept private from your internet provider advertisers. Anyone looking to track you or profit from your data tunnel bear has a top-rated privacy policy and does not log your activity so try it for free with no credit card required at tunnel berry committed.

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