Garmin 601 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

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Garmin Foretrex 601 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

A device originally designed for joggers and runners has gained popularity in the tactical field police and military alike used a foretrex line of products paint operators thanks for stopping by I’m a grounded you guys might have seen combat footage and you’ve seen NATO forces use GPS devices on their wrists or in the buttstock of their weapon. Check Out Garmin Fenix 5 | 5S | 5+ Black Friday


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Versatile and full-blown GPS

Sometimes you’ll see them mounted on the Picatinny rail devices such as the forex 401 it’s versatile and it’s basically a full-blown GPS unit on your wrist or on your weapon well the forex has been around for quite some time and there haven’t really been any much updates on the device other than the firmware until now introducing the foretrex 601 and 701 ballistic editions for this review.

Union Galileo satellite system

Since its similarities to the 601 are identical the only difference is that it doesn’t have the applied ballistics calculator on the device so for that purpose we’re just gonna do and talk about the 701 just like the 601 the 701 boast a new way of technology that how we can track you meaning that it is not only the conventional GPS and GLONASS but it also picks up the European union galileo satellite system now the true difference between a 701 and a 601 it’s the calculator.

Ballistics calculator

The applied ballistics calculator that’s embedded into the device now the calculator is preloaded with the software that’s coming from applied ballistics a leading manufacturer of documentation of projectiles and also a calculation of trajectory for those rounds the 601 and 701 are very durable in fact it’s so durable that it got the mil-spec 810g certification from the department of defense both devices work with GPS and GLONASS.

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Hermal shock and water performance

We’re gonna mainly focus on a 701 since it’s got the same comparisons and features as the 601 with the exclusion of the ballistics computer provided by applied ballistics with both devices between the 401 and a 701 or the 601 in this case both devices are really tough they’re built to military standards for thermal shock and water performance mil-spec 808 ng but they also included tactical features such as the compatibility with night-vision goggles.

Set of sensors

This device also has an additional set of sensors it’s got an Altamaha barometer and also an electronic compass built-in on the unit an interesting new feature that’s being introduced on this line of product it’s trying to keep up with being more of a fitness activity tracker such as the previous one where it was mainly just GPS and navigational system.

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Live feature

This device is also able to stay connected on your phone why do you think that’s important quite simple this device when is paired to a phone you’re able to receive email texts and alerts right from your mobile device provided that you have the Garmin Connect app installed on your phone and it also has a live feature which this feature is often used with the forerunners and also a couple of the Phoenix 3 devices the Phoenix Chronos that was introduced on those devices.

Grains of ammunition

To stay connected such as automatic uploads and also you’re able to post on a fitness community page and also it allows you to get automatic software updates on the device this device pretty much has all of the popular brands in all of the different grains of ammunition in this little unit Garmin has come out with a price point for this device it’s looking listed on their website.

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