Garmin 245 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

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Garmin Forerunner 245 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Let’s take a look at the watch on the top left is the light keypress it to activate the backlight or press and hold to access the controls menu you can use the controls menu to turn on do not disturb lock your device access a basic stopwatch or timer and perform other functions next are the up and down keys with these keys you’ll navigate through the different menus data screens and widgets for example,
from the watch face press, the up or down key to cycle through pre-loaded widgets including performance health stats my day.Check out Fossil Gen 4 Black Friday
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Pulse-ox and more on the top right is the start/stop key in addition to starting and stopping the timer during your runs you’ll also use this key to make menu selections finally on the bottom right is the back key press it to return to the previous screen or during a run press it to mark a lap to access the menu press and hold the up key in the menu, you can update your preferences for the currently selected activity such as changing data screens or setting up an alert you can also access general settings for your watch on compatible models press.

Features & Controls

Hold the down key to quickly access the music controls from anywhere including during timed activities before you go for your first run you can assign your emergency contacts that way if you ever find yourself in need of assistance you can easily use the watch’s built-in running awareness features as long as you’re paired with your smartphone to set your emergency contacts open the Garmin Connect app in tap more or the menu tap contacts then setup contacts here Garmin connect can access the contacts on your phone select the ones you’d like to import then tap Done now.
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Forerunner Watch

Return to the menu and select safety and tracking select incident detection and assistance into your personal information then add up to three emergency contacts now if you find yourself in need of assistance hold the light key until you fill the watch vibrate three times your emergency contacts will be notified via text message and email now you’re ready to go on a run press the start key when GPS is ready the watch will vibrate in advance to the data screen loop then press the start key.
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Run during your run, you can scroll up or down through the data screens to view stats such as distance-time pace and more when your run is over press stop from here you can either resume the timer or scroll down to save your activity after you select save.


your watch will show a summary of what you just accomplished press the start/stop key to scroll through your training effect vo2 Max and recovery time or press the down key to see additional details about your activity such as heart rate in laps

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