Garmin Edge 520 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

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Garmin Edge 520 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Garmin Edge sensor bundle if we have a look inside we have the head unit itself just here and underneath that we have the hook strap the actual heart rate monitor which you can clip on to the strap very easily a few manuals horray instructions bands for the cadence sensor a ring to put around your handlebars if you have a very thin climbing handlebar the cadence sensor itself and stem mounts if you prefer to have your comment on the stem or if your or if you have an aro handlebar and the standard mount doesn’t fit your stem now.
germin edhe 520 black friday

Wearing Glove

Garmin Edge 520 plus in a number 10, we have the collar screen the colour screen is useful some people but some people do not really mind if it’s black white or colour I prefer the converse cream because it makes it more lively I guess and it represents the Maps better on the Garmin you know number 9 is the fact that it has buttons and not a touchscreen in the past some of the garments had to touch screen and that was a real problem as if you were wearing gloves.

Battery Life

You won’t see on the bike without having to squint or flick through multiple pages were trying to crack the local Karen in a number seven is the 15-hour clean battery live this battery life only applies when it’s run at 70% though 15 hours might seem like a very long time to be on the bike if you’re doing it for a few days like bike packing or you forget to charge it can really come in handy the feature.
germin edhe 520 cyber monday

Connect Website

Which I’ve ranked sixth on this list is the group track feature allows you to find your mates when you drop the mid alpine climb and then no has to be seen in a number five is the Garmin Connect website or go and connect that this helps you to customize your edge 5:20 and adds third-party apps like kamut or Strava also you can analyze your data and I’m preferred to do this on the website as it’s a bigger screen and you have things like power curve if you connect with a parameter which shows how long you can hold each pad for in your riot compared to your best the feature.


Which I ranked fourth in this list is workout mode allows you to create workouts with custom durations and titles telling you what you should do in the road without being stuck at home monitor patrina into the podium spot snow and third on my list is the compatibility with third-party apps another happy use to let you navigate your way around also what you can do is when you finish your ride.
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Final Words

You can put it straight on Strava just by hitting safer on your Garmin Ron Ralph in this list is the incident detection and contacts feature this allows you to mostly send a message to selected contacts say your partner for example and this message will send automatically when you crash you can have up to two contacts which will be sent this message number one on this list is mapping the mapping has drastically improved from the old 520 and now has turn by turn directions.

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