Foreo Luna Mini 2 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals2021

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Foreo Luna Mini 2 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

It’s different from the other cleaning devices in the market so this is basically a farm-sized device you also get this in a larger size which is called the Luna 2 and you also get a small one which is good for travelling this as the medium-sized. Check out Noco Gb40 Black Friday

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Silicone cleansing brush

A silicone cleansing brush pad it’s got these really soft and gentle touchpoints and this has the on the button right in the centre you can vary the speed at which this vibrating basically gives out a pulse called the T sonic pulse which is a transdermal pulse it helps in cleansing the skin and that in turn reduces your blemishes and it also helps in better absorption of skincare.

Soft silicone touchpoint

Used this kind of device in the past but they have been brushing devices and I felt like the brushes at times felt a little harsh on my skin compared to all of the Russians I have tried this is very very mild because instead of a bristle this has this really soft silicone touchpoint and it within the same device you get three kinds of different touchpoints, of course, is really 10:1 which is good for the dry areas of the face then you have this thicker one on the top and a thicker one on the back as well which is better for oilier areas now this is to be used twice a day for one minute each.

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Continues vibration

The device kind of gives you a short break kind of a thing but it continues vibrating so you know when your one minute is over so it doesn’t stop automatically at one minute you can continue to use it for longer if you want to the device is completely waterproof it comes with a USB charging cable and this has a really good battery life this lasts for about 300 uses which roughly three months if you use this twice a day now.

Completely non-porous and quick-drying

Generally, four to five times a week even though it’s gentle enough to be used every day I just forget to use it sometimes or sometimes when I’m in a hurry so this is very gentle even if you have very sensitive skin you can definitely use this unlike other devices in the market which have embraced these silicone touchpoints don’t harbour any bacteria they are completely non-porous they are quick-drying they don’t absorb any water and that’s why they don’t harbor any bacteria it’s completely hygienic it doesn’t need to replace the heads or the surfaces in any manner.

Revolutionary device

This device lasts you forever no replacements no brush head change in squired overall I feel like this is a pretty revolutionary device it’s very different from anything else in the market and even though the brand is quite young it’s got quite a lot of good reviews already because it works really well for me the best thing is that it is really gentle on the skin but it canvas really effectively my issue way the brush kind of devices was generally that my skin sometimes used to get a little dread.

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One-time investment.

When you’re using this it just takes one minute twice a day and you definitely notice that your skin is a lot clearer and it helps in the absorption of the products as well so whatever serums and creams you use on top of this are going to be absorbed much better fuze definitely an experience and overall improvement in the quality of your skin and if you’re someone who tends to break out often who gets a lot of clogged pores you are bound to see a difference once.

USB charger

You don’t need to the brush head getting your placements once you have this product it’s going to ask you for level and it’s rechargeable it’s travel friendly so you can easily carry this as well if you are moving or travelling anywhere and it charges while USB so you don’t have to worry about getting the right kind of plug etc if you are travelling around internationally that is my quick review of the fore luna mini.

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