Fluval Fx4 black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Get a Fluval Fx4 Black Friday Deal and save on your favourite vacuum Filter. Check our latest Fluval Fx4 Cyber Monday & Boxing Day sale.

Fluval Fx4 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

This fx4 works as one of the best filters on the market, first of all, it’s big 16 inches wide by 17 all-day 17 17 and a half so 16 inches wide 16 by 16 by 17 and a half high that’s big so that’s the first thing. Check Out¬†Dyson v10 Black Friday¬†


fluval fx 4 cyber monday

Pool pump bar

She’s massive but she’s awesome so here’s the head it comes with these clip-on it’s pretty much like a pond pump or a pool pump bar because it’s high pressure so this will keep it on and won’t leak okay so pop the lid off pop the lid off okay so water will go down and down to the bottom of the filter it’ll swirl around the bottom swirl it’ll swirl around the bottom as it swirls it’s swirling around.

Large sponge

The bottom here it’ll be forced force through this wall through this outside wall through this extra or large sponge which I’m going to replace and upgrade so it gets pushed in as it gets pushed in it hits a solid wall comes up the water will come to go through through the sponge up the wall down as it comes down comes through this wall comes up the wall gets pushed through this medium sponge water.

fluval fx 4 black friday

Ceramic biome

The media goes through that basket comes with these nice little handles they clip right off go right down gets pushed down into the second basket this will buy biome I’m gonna get um ceramic biome that’ll go in here so it goes through the second phase of media goes through down to a fine fine sponge this I’m going to upgrade into a two-phase it’ll have medium and fine so the water will go through a large to a medium to a fine and then out so almost like a funnel of course on top medium.

Hold nitrifying bacteria

These will hold nitrifying bacteria you just want to rinse them off get all the big out of it and put them right back like I said these will be upgraded because I will have pads in that will be a lot more hold a lot more bacteria it’ll have two-phase I like a lot of two phases like I’m gonna do on the bottom two-phase large to medium so larger particles get caught here so they won’t clog up the filter as quickly and then the second phase will be medium come up into a medium.

fluval fx 4 boxing day

Center compartment

There won’t go into contact with the media water rushes through there into the second phase to the very last phase which will be a medium and a fine so this goes bottom topwater will always go through the center compartment as you see there are no holes in these walls so the water has to go through here in order to come back out in there in order to come back out through here so it’ll swirl on the outside come up through the middle and back out here and up to clean that’s clean.

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