Fluance Rt81 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

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Fluance Rt81 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

The turntable was over but they were also nice enough to send me their surround sound bookshelf speakers as well which was really cool of them now after they sent all this stuff over we had to come back to LA because of the renovations. Check Out Akg C414 Black Friday


fluance rt81 black friday

Spinal gear

We’re gonna be mostly finished so anyways now that I’m back home and I finally had the time to set up all this flew on spinal gear what do I actually think about it well let’s start with the turntable first off the RTA t1 has an absolutely beautiful finish to it.

Belt-driven turntable

Here’s everything that’s included in the box first off we get a solid aluminium which is very sturdy and being that this is also a belt-driven turntable if you flip that over you’ll also notice that they give you a rubber belt so you can attach it to the motor next up they also give you the stylus cartridge and headshell completely assembled and already aligned.

fluance rt81 boxing day

AC power cord and RCA cable

The grooves of your records which is no fun so basically you can skip that whole step because they already did it for you which is awesome ok next we get the counterweight for balancing the tonearm a 45 rpm adapter for when we’re gonna play 7-inch singles the AC power cord and RCA cable with ground connections the manual and a flew once catalog of their other speakers.

Separate external preamp

So here’s the deal with these connections if you want to use the built-in preamp flip that switches to line connect an RCA cable that you want and don’t attach the ground cable there’s really no need to however if you want to use a separate external preamp that you got lying around somewhere then flip that switch to Fano connect the RCA cable and also attach the ground connection.


This turntable is pretty flexible with however you want to connect it now to the right of those connections you’ll also notice the power connection which is pretty self-explanatory and next to that is the auto-stop function so the way these feature works is if you turn it on the record is going to start spinning when you move the tonearm closer towards it and then once the record is finished the platter is gonna slowly come to a stop all by itself.

fluance rt81 cyber monday


Glossy piano black finish

Where is the turntable has a glossy walnut finish these speakers have a glossy piano black finish which looks really sharp and they also have those five-inch woofers in bright yellow which really stand out now being that these are passive speakers on the back you’ll get these simple red and black connections which correspond to positive and negative and this is also where you’re gonna connect your speaker wire.


Passive speakers

Usually 16 or 18 gauge now as far as the amplifier goes I just connected them to the same receiver that I use in my normal vinyl setup and that worked out pretty well now the last important thing you should know about the RTA t1 is that it can play albums at 33 and 1/3 rpm and singles at 45 but it does not have 78 rpm capability so if you’re only collecting the older 78 rpm shellac discs.

Pre-aligned cartridge

The cartridge comes pre-aligned when you buy it which saves you the headache I like the built-in preamp which is very responsive I like that it’s belt-driven so you don’t get any rumble and also the platter is very secure so you don’t get wobbles.

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