Fitbit Charge 3 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Get a Fitbit Charge 3 Black Friday Deal and save on your favourite Fitness Watch. Check our latest Fitbit 3 Cyber Monday & Boxing Day.

Fitbit Charge 3 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

if you’re looking for value that’s it it also has better battery life than the Fitbit Versa and for the first time the Fitbit charge 3 compared to the charge 2 has water resistance for swimming which is great so you can wear it in the shower wear it while swimming it has a larger screen and its really touch-enabled this time so it doesn’t have any of that tap to touch stuff which feels a lot smoother to operate the charge 3 also gets notifications so you can tap in all the notifications from your phone feeling a lot more like a SmartWatch. Check Out Garmin Vivo Active 4S Black Friday

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Apple & Google Pay

so in that sense isn’t it kind of like a SmartWatch that’s a thing it’s probably enough of that if you just want basic functions and what it doesn’t have any music support so and no ability to store music and there’s no music remote and while there is Fitbit pay for a bump up version which is not bad because you’re also getting an extra band Fitbit doesn’t support a lot of banks at this point compared to Apple pay and Google pay other than that.


it’s a pretty basic fitness tracker experience no GPS but it does have the step-up heart rate that’s been on recent Fitbit models called pure pulse this heart rate is supposed to give more accurate tracking and also help with more accurate sleep readings so far it’s been a little bit up and down but we’re gonna keep testing it and give an update as we do a full review even though the charge 3 has a larger screen than the charge 2 it’s significantly smaller than the Fitbit Versa or other smartwatches.

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and it’s not colour however it is a pretty bright grayscale OLED screen so it looks crisp and moves smoothly and there are a few watches faces that you can pick within the Fitbit app but there is no watch based store unlike the Fitbit Versa and ionic and there’s no app store while there is a couple of app like functions there are no others that you can shop for an ad the interactions with the charge three are done using your finger or with a really clever little hectic kind of button on the side there’s an indentation.


which is Fitbit’s breathing relaxation app where you take breaths and it will tell you if it comes you down these are always kind of weird because I prefer to not look at electronics to relax there’s also timers which is timer or stopwatch nice to have alarms the vibration on this actually feels pretty strong weather is there although sometimes it doesn’t sync it’s a little bit funky certainly not nearly as effortless as using say an Apple watch with an iPhone and that’s it it’s a pretty bare-bones set of stuff.

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which has a lot of other watch face options is available – versa does a lot of the same stuff and again it’s the watch faces and apps the Apple watch series 4 doesn’t have sleep tracking it doesn’t have long battery life like these Fitbit’s do but it does have a lot faster hook ins not to mention speakerphone much more robust music playback better contactless payments the ability to add cellular so that’s kind of in its own territory a couple of annoying things about the Fitbit charge 3.

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