Fenix 6S Pro Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

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Fenix 6S Pro Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

an activity tracker in an attractive package I could wear everywhere. Timing is one factor that leads me to Garmin since the Fenix 6S made one minor change over the Fenix 5 series that makes a big difference to me: the lug-to-lug distance. Previous 42mm Garmin watches were a little longer from lug-to-lug, so even though the screen’s the same size, the Fenix 6S fits a smaller wrist like mine. Check Out Garmin Fenix 5 | 5S | 5+ Black Friday

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Nylon Band

I like how easy it is to change to different bands, especially because I can’t stand the sticky feeling of the included silicone one. I picked up two different replacement bands: one a pink leather band and another heather black nylon band. It’s super convenient to be able to check the weather from my wrist, and I’ll admit I’m checking the date frequently as well.


Depending on the watch face, you can see the time, date and day of the week, altitude, barometric pressure, heart rate, battery life, weather, steps counter, floors climbed, notification counter, and a bunch of other data about your activity throughout the day. The Garmin Fenix 6S has special tracking features for almost any type of workout you can imagine. I use this feature for long walks or bike rides, and at the end, I’ll get a map of my journey as well as stats about the workout.

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Physical Sensation

I did try the yoga tracker once or twice, but it seems to want you to press a button for every pose, which seems fiddly to me and definitely does not work with my yoga flow. Since this is the Pro model, it also has maps, wi-fi, and can store music on board in case you want to go exercising without your phone. I enabled the always-on heart rate monitor on my Garmin to track my heart rate all day and all night. It helps to rationalize the physical sensation of a racing heart and also reminds me to get more exercise.


Notifications on Garmin have one big downside and that is a pet peeve of mine: each app’s notifications are on by default, and have to be turned off one by one. That means when I download a new app, I have to be sure to go into my Garmin settings and disable that app’s notifications or my wrist will be buzzing with push alerts from non-essential places. This is part of a broader epidemic of notifications, but it’s a particularly egregious example if you ask me.

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Contactless Payment Options

One cool thing about contactless payment is that it’s linked to your bank or credit account, not the card itself in most cases, so if I lose my wallet, I can still use my watch to pay for things while I get new cards in the mail. This is great peace of mind, especially for travelling. It took about 20 minutes to set up the main features of the watch, including pairing the Bluetooth, setting up the wifi, entering in my biometric profile, contactless payment options, syncing my Strava account, and configuring the menstrual cycle app.

Final Words

I’ve settled on the Infocal watch face, showing time, steps, heart rate, date, altitude, current temperature, and battery life. I did shell out the extra cash for the sapphire glass version, to protect against scratches much better than the Gorilla glass version.

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