Fender Telecaster Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

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Fender Telecaster Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

I want to talk about the magic of the Telecaster now I’m a tall guy first and foremost I love the guitar and my mind no guitar does what this guitar does which is everything this is the only guitar I would take to a straight-ahead jazz gig a country gig a rock gig a blues gig a pop gig and never feel like I’m compromising I will take the Telecaster anywhere and know that I can pull off the gig I can’t say that about a strat and I definitely can’t say that about a Les Paul.

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Fender Telecaster black friday

Explosive & Dynamic

There’s something magical about this guitar you know when fender built this guitar and 4950 prototypes that had the Esquire it’s almost unchanged today now this is a vintage one so no it’s not this is a custom shop never mind but anyways you know it’s a thick body it’s not comfortable it’s sharp on the edges it has three saddles four-six strings so intonation is not perfect but its part of the charm and part of you know the attributes that add up to make this thing explosive and dynamic.

Rhythm Guitar

So I still have the amp cranked so if I turn the volume all the way up you’re gonna get you know distortion from the I turn the volume down you can hear how dynamic this guitar is the middle pickup position both pickups you automatically have that rhythm guitar reason Steve cropper and Cornell Dupree and all these guys if you go to the bridge you have the classic tale sound right if I crank it up it’s a rock-and-roll machine the Keith Richards use the season really is the most versatile guitar.

Fender Telecaster boxing day

Electric Guitar

it’s a magic thing and it’s so simple well that’s an amazing thing to think about is how right he got this you know 60 plus years ago that it’s almost virtually unchanged and I truly think it’s the best electric guitar ever me and the one that can do it all now I the ow grab a strap purposely for certain things because the strap does certain things better or Les Paul does certain things better or 3:35 does certain things better but none of them does all things, as well as this guitar, does it’s a magic thing.

Fender Telecaster cyber monday


Telecaster so if you haven’t ever sat down and really explored the Telecaster and you’ve pigeon-holed it in your mind as a country guitar don’t go pick one up and really see what they do and I think you will agree that there’s something magic there so go check out a Telecaster.

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