Epson FF 680w Black Friday And Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Get an Epson FastFoto 680w Black Friday Deal and save on your favourite Scanner. Check our latest Epson FF 680w Cyber Monday & Boxing Day.

Epson FastFoto FF 680w Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

There are about 2 000 photos in this box alone I think I have another two boxes fulls like this and so you know I’ve been thinking how do I get those all digitized for the right price well I went through a few different uh ways just to see what was the most cost-effective. Check Out Epson V550 Black Friday


espon ff 680 w cyber monday

Scanner printers

In over I guess a period of a few days but that gets expensive depending on where you go if you do an online service you got to throw all your photos in a box and send it over depending on how many photos it can be literally a few hundred dollars to you know up to a thousand dollars and it also depends on how organized your photos are when you send it over to them, uh another way is to scan them.

Little cheaper

So this one’s around 679 bucks Canadian obviously a little cheaper in us but when I did the math and you know included the dollar amount and the time spent doing this it didn’t compare to everything else if I had to again scan everything individually on one of these flatbed scanners or you know the all-in-one printer scanners it would have taken me forever so uh I had a bunch of photos and you can actually set the different settings in the software.

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Digitized copy

What quality that you want as well so if you just want regular quality that you know you get a digitized copy if you wanted to make a reprint that takes a second to scan that quality in. If you’ve got a bunch of those you can actually have a setting on the software that scans the backside if it detects any writing so you’ll have a copy of that which is kind of a cool thing because you want some of those uh old notes so you can see right now it is super fast.

Crazy box

It’s going through all of these it’s putting it right in a folder on my picture folder area here and again all over the place, uh you know in your file folder as it’s scanning in there you’re going to have to go in and change the orientation afterward.

Fast Photo Scanners

These uh digital photo frames to a lot of uh our family like my mom and my parent’s mom and dad now I can basically because they’re like cloud digital photo frames I can just point them to my google photos and they’ll be able to see all these old memories it’s just priceless it really is uh amazing so again do the math money and time if you’ve got plenty of time you can use your all-in-one scanner.

espon ff 680 w black friday

High-speed document scanner

The nice thing about this is that I think what you’re going to find once you do yours you’re going to find other family members are going to get a lot of use out of it as well like my brother wants to come over now and actually scan all his photos too but once that’s all done it’s actually a high-speed document scanner as well and it comes with software so you could actually scan in bills and receipts uh all that kind of stuff and get digital copies and with receipts.

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