Epson Ecotank Boxing Day Deals 2021

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Epson Ecotank Boxing Day Deals 2021

It’s a statement that just about everyone who works for a living can relate to Office Depot has sent me a notice telling me it is raising the price of its inkjet cartridges by a whopping 35 percent. Worse yet, it says I won’t save any money unless I switch from a model I already own to a new Epson cartridge that holds triple the amount of ink.

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“Of course, these days it’s more complicated than that. Office Depot has me over a barrel, and we all know it. If I want to print anything — by which I mean if my boss wants me to print anything — I have no choice but to buy Office Depot’s cartridges. If I want to get my documents printed at a FedEx Office or other participating retailer, I can do so only if I pay the higher price and surrender an even larger percentage of what little remains of my paycheck.

Office Depot

Office Depot is hardly alone in its attempt to cash in on the exploding demand for ink. You could blame the high price of oil if that made any sense. Or you could blame market forces — if anyone has ever seriously seen market forces at work in this industry.


The point is, there’s nothing to stop Office Depot (which reporte in revenue last year) or any other retailer from taking advantage of its buyers’ lack of options — except, perhaps, the hope that the company will be embarrassed into changing its behaviour.


Of course it would be great if all our printers come with a warranty that meant we didn’t have to replace cartridges for a few years. But there’s little chance of that happening in this day and age.

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