DJI Pocket 2 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

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DJI Pocket 2 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

we’re going to talk about what’s different about it compare the two side by side and see if it’s really worth making the upgrade I’m. vlogging on stairs right now which actually gives me a good opportunity to showcase one of the major improvements we have a brand new lens on the pocket too it’s a 20 millimetre equivalent versus the 26 that you would find on the original pocket and if I push it away here you can really see just how wide that is now this is really useful. Check Out Garmin Edge 520 Black Friday¬†

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Osmo Series

because it means I don’t have to have my arm fully extended when I’m vlogging I can show a lot more of the terrain around me and yeah I just really like this new improvement plus the creative options being able to push that perspective further away now that wider lens coverage is not the only thing that’s gotten bigger and better about the Osmo series the pocket 2 also does have a brighter wider aperture it can go to 1.8 versus f2 on the original pocket.

JPEG Photos

I couldn’t comment so I’m just gonna smile at you yes enough for Jordan so what you can hear there is it’s really nice that you get that audio no matters where you’re looking we are hiding from the wind right now but you can of course like any other pocket add-on microphones if you do want to record that separately now if you were so inclined to shoot photos on the pocket too we have a new feature here now first off these cameras have always been able to shoot raw or jpeg.

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Frames of per seconds

you compile extra photos together to get your megapixel count higher like we’ve seen in a lot of our standard digital photo cameras so you can go from 16 megapixels to 64 megapixels now slow-mo has always been a neat feature on the pocket Osmo series of cameras and now with the pocket 2, we get 1080 240 frames per second slow-mo as an option now, of course, it is going to have lower-quality you can see the difference even from the 120 frames per second.


it does get a little bit soft there is a crop although it’s less than I thought it would be and let’s keep in mind that that 20-millimeter lens gives you lots of room to spare so I like that now there are a couple of issues here first off it records 240 frames per second but it plays back at 30 frames per second so if you’re gonna import that into a timeline and let’s say you’re doing 24 frames per second like we do you’ll just have to make those adjustments other issues you can engage 120 or 240 in the pocket 2 camera.
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get a bigger battery built into their 3.5 mil mic jack it’s got this cool wireless lav mic that comes with it works wirelessly in the unit and as well it has an external speaker that’d be really nice just to be able to check your audio afterward and it does have a tripod attachment as well very very cool accessory it’s getting crazy windy here guys it’s figuratively going to blow.


we’ve got better image quality the low-light performance is noticeably better the wider angle lens is a huge improvement I really did like the four microphones here that also helped a lot add on the do-it-all kit and the fact you can start to expand this is actually I think really showing where that potential could go and so hopefully this video helps you guys decide if this camera is right for you

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