Dell Inspiron 15 5000 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Get a Dell Inspiron 15 5000 Black Friday Deal and save on your favourite Laptop. Check our latest Dell Inspiron 15 5000 Cyber Monday 2021 sales and discounts.

Dell Inspiron 15 5000 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

In terms of specifications, this particular configuration has intel’s newest 11th generation tiger lake quad-core core i5 processor you have 8 gigabytes of ddr4 ram you will also have intel’s iris xc graphics, and of course, you have a 512 GB SSD you also have the latest wi-fi and Bluetooth standard on board and this is a 15.6-inch display with a Full HD resolution screen it’s also worth noting this particular configuration is priced at approximately 740 USD the pricing will vary depending on the configuration. Check Out Dell Inspiron 15 3000 Black Friday


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You get let’s have a quick peek and see what’s inside the box so first and foremost the actual box itself is a traditional cardboard box it’s pretty standard and you won’t find anything particularly fancy about it so we’ll go ahead and remove the content seal and open the laptop inside you find a number of items first and foremost, of course, you have the Inspiron 5000 itself it’s got a hefty bit of weight to it.


USB-C type charging but that’s okay and past that you have a standard wall outlet cable also it’s worth noting you do get your best practices instructions compliance and warranty information like always coming back to the laptop itself this is a fairly premium looking laptop given its price range it weighs 3.8 pounds approximately and that weight is entirely justified given the fact there’s a bunch of premium materials all across this laptop starting off with the top side.

USB 3.0 & HDMI

You can see it’s a metallic surface cool to the touch super smooth minimal you have the dell branding in the dead center and that’s it no over-complicated textures no excessive fanciness I like it as we make our way to the side of the laptop there is a rather limited but useful set of I o port so on one side you have the dc charging port you have an HDMI port a USB 3.0 port and a USB type-c port on the other side you have the headphone jack another USB 3.0 port and also a micro sd card reader.

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This thing looks seriously premium it’s hard to believe that this is a mid-range laptop with that being said you have a generous amount of palm rest space and you also have a pretty big trackpad with plenty of real estate, unfortunately, one big downside that I noticed is the trackpad looks premium when you click on it it feels cheap and flimsy it feels like a bunch of pieces of plaster are coming together every time you apply pressure towards a left or right-click.

Two-Tier Setting System

Inspiron 5000 is absolutely amazing it has nice tactile feedback a 1.5-millimetre journey also it is fully backlit with a two-tier setting system also you have the inclusion of a full 10 key number pad and you also have a fingerprint scanner which doubles as the power button additionally there are no dedicated media keys however they are all baked into the traditional function keys.

you find on the laptop as they move past the keyboard we come to the hinge I have to say that the two-tier hint system is super solid on the dell Inspiron 5000.

dell inspiron 15 5000 black friday

Frames Per Second

it seems like it’s not flimsy and designed to last for years to come so good job there dell moving on to the display one thing I really like is that dell does a pretty good job at trying to modernize the display fitting so you have super thin bezels on either side also you have a relatively slim chin with the dell branding in the centre and on the top the forehead bezel is also super slim you do have a webcam right in the middle with a dual array microphone.

The webcam quality is pretty lackluster running at 720p at 30 frames per second but sadly this is the norm in the industry currently in terms of display quality.

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