Crucial Mx500 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Get a Crucial Mx500 Black Friday Deal and save on your favourite SSD Hard Drive, check our latest Crucial Mx500  Cyber Monday & Boxing Day.

Crucial Mx500 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Crucial MX 500 SSD and we’ll also have a look at optical bay hard drive caddy to let’s first unbox this solid-state drive this is 2.5 inch or 7 millimetres in size it has got 6 gigabytes per second Satur speed read speed is 560 megabytes per second and write speed is 510 megabytes per second it has got a dram of 256 megabytes with ddr3.

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This is a spacer that needs to be attached with this SSD so there will be no gap between the body and SSD in my next video I will be installing this SSD into my laptop and showing you guys the whole process so do watch my next video let’s open this SSD and see what we have got inside the best part of these SSD is that they are very light in weight.

Fully electronic-based

Fully electronic-based whereas the hard drive has a motor to operate it which makes it heavy and bulky the size of the PCB is so small and it’s less than half the weight of the hard drive. This is how slow my VC takes to turn on with my old Toshiba hard drive it’s a minute and 25 seconds that’s more than enough time and it’s just a turn on after I log in.

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SATA power cable

This is the spacer and what it does is that it fills in the extra gap you might have between the drive and wherever you put it but it’s mostly made for laptops includes a mounting kit a four-pin male 2 dual 15 pins female SATA power cable 2 SATA data cable with double head a lot 15 pin male 2 duos 15 pins female SATA power cable 20 screws and this little screwdriver ok so now I’m gonna open up my PC and show you guys how to connect all the cables and just show you the physical part of the installation process you can skip to this time to know how to set up the disc from the computer.

Mounting kit

Before we connect anything I recommend you screw the drive into the mounting kit this is how it’s gonna go in getting the drive screw into the mounting kit which is going to slide into the available hard drive slot mine are filled with cables in this pile found the 4 pins female SATA power cable now that cable is going to plug into the 4 pin male cable found in the bundle ball just like this now one of the dual 15 pin females is going to connect to the 15 pins male 2 dual 15 pins female SATA power cable which is then connected to the drive.

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Clone disk click

Clone disk click on that and then select automatic you can also do manual if you know what you’re doing but I recommend automatic anyway here you have just selected the drive you want to be cloning from that would be your old one press next it’s going to load then I’ll bring you back to this window right here but this time you have to select the drive you’re going to clone so the crucial moment after three minutes it took about an hour for me it’s going to restart your computer if you want your new hard drive to be the one to boot your PC then you have to set that up and yourself turn off your PC and unplug the old hard drive.

 Boost your PC

When you turn it back on the computer should recognize to boost your PC by using the current drive installed which is crucial however if this is not your case when you boot your PC you can go to the BIOS settings so like before the login screen change the drive you want to use to turn on your PC in the boot-up settings now when you turn it back on it should be using your crucial.


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