Canon Pro-100S Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

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Canon Pixma Pro-100S Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Now the first one being is for archiving. We wanted to store my work in a place and view it from a different perspective that wasn’t always on the screen through Instagram websites kind of thing, so we thought it’d be, you know, an excellent tangible way to view my work mainly for me and also for other people and maybe that people that visit my home and we want to see what kind of something I get up to and what things I shoot the second reason is quite an obvious one I’ve wanted to sell prints for a little. At the same time, now I tried printing it elsewhere. Still, I wasn’t super stoked with the results. Check out Epson FF 680w Black Friday

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Sharpest Print

The sharpest prints out there, so this is just going to be for archiving. I’m looking for more of a softer look to these photos anyway when I’m printing them. Then we’re going to get into the fun part. I’m going to show you the actual printing and the results, too, so yeah, let’s get into it. I already bought some ink before, so because I didn’t know it came with some as well, they’re pretty expensive. Hence, it was pretty cool to find out that it came with some and see all the different colors there.

canon pixma pro 100s black friday


All set up in its spot fit quite nicely on here, which I’m surprised because I thought it’d be a bit too big. Still, it’s pretty well-fitting, so we’re back in the lab back in the studio to make a few minor adjustments to some of the photos I’ve picked out about four or five that I like that I want to print just to get started with and to test things.

Features & Qualities

I love this photo. I think the sunset lighting came out nice and soft. Yeah, so I did quite a bit when I originally edited this photo with the highlights set shadows up the white a little bit, maybe super interested in how it comes out. It’s got the nice dusk kind of sunset colours going on here at Burleigh’s heads. It’s got some nice grain, so we’ll see how that comes out as well; yeah, looking good. That’s what we’re going to do. As I said, nothing too major, just a few minor tweaks, but yeah, let’s get into some printing does. Um yeah, so this is the first one I printed pretty blown away, actually the amount of colour information and details.

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Medium Format

You can see she is breathtaking. I think this would look great blown up to maybe you know a3 or a2 or even bigger so much detail and so much going on here. Yeah really enjoyed this one. I think it goes to show that medium format is worth pursuing stuff like this because you get so much detail and information in these shots. Um yeah, it’s made for printing, so yeah, it’s worth all the money spent on film developing scanning all that stuff is worth it when you get things like this back, so yeah, super stoked this one I was super hyped about getting back and yeah it just came out incredible.


If you’re interested in buying some prints for me, let me know in the comments. I’d love to know who’s keen, um, so I know yeah if it’s worth pursuing sure and lastly just a fun one of my apartment it’d be pretty funny if I put this up in my apartment a bit of apartment inception.


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